Decorating My Bedroom.

February 09, 2016

 So in January you may know I moved house, I have become so obsessed with home ware lately. This house feels like home compared to our old house, so I have been so excited to decorate it. I am a huge fan of Home Sense, Ikea and H&m home, so this will be a theme in my house. I am also wanting to up cycle things and make things for my house. Such as art work, I'm going to do a blog post on this too. I picked up the lamp from Ikea, side table too, the bunny print is from The Range. My bedding is from Ikea, our theme for our main bedroom is botanical. Hints of grey, black and white and a big book case which I will show you further in the post.
 Me and my mom make a day where we both are free each month and we head over to The Range, we help each other find some bits for our house. We are both doing up our house and we have so much fun doing it. I found this plant in The range and put two little birds into the gravel to make it fit our theme. The stool is something my mom had, she painted it white and gave it to me. It makes this corner of the room look well put together and I love it.
 My mom got us these two candle holders from a little farm shop as a house warming gift, I love how well they fit into our theme. They have gold feathers on them, and I love the green. One side of this shelf is for my beauty books, favourite books and the other side is Robs favourite cook books. This makes it fair when you share a room with a boy, he loves the new room. 
 A lovely friend of mine made me this dream catcher, I did a review on it a few months back. Her business is called Ethereaia and she makes bespoke hand made dream catchers. This one she made for me fits in so well with the theme of my bedroom but it adds something special to the room. It is one of a kind, unique to your space. 

Heather Caton textiles.

This shelf has to be my favourite part of my room, my friend heather painted me portraits of my dogs for Christmas, a gift from Rob. I love them and it is something I will keep forever, my dogs mean the world to me. Having their names under the portrait make them so special, I look at them everyday and it makes me smile.  I got the frames from Tesco for £3, which is a bargain but them finish of this look so well. The penguin was a Christmas gift from my mom two years ago, I am so happy to be able to show it off now on my book case.

This is a small amount of progress that we have done so far, i would love to do more posts like this soon to show you how our home is getting on. 

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her.

February 08, 2016

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / seven.

Myself and my boyfriend rob celebrate Valentines Day but with small gifts or days out. This year we have decided to celebrate our six year anniversary and Valentines Day together. Our plan is to get something small but make a day off something, walking our dogs, making a lovely tea or going out for the day to the zoo. I have decided to share with you some small ideas for gifts, little tokens to say i love you.

I am obsessed with the Build a bear Toothless, this is something I have pointed out to Rob for my gift. He is adorable and it is something we love watching together. I have included some key rings, i am on the look out for some cute ones for my new house keys, the heart emoji is something I would love. We all use emoji s so this would be a great little gift for someone this Valentines Day.

Topshop always have such great clothes in, I wish my bank balance would allow me to shop there but as I am an adult I have so many house bills to pay. I love this cute stripe top with a small black heart on it, this would be nice to wear with jeans. 

Over on Asos I fell in love with so many cute things, I love these little tins. They would make a great gift for someone who loves to store things like make up, rings or even food to take to work. Hannah Maggs make up bags would be a great gift, they are special and look amazing. I love all the prints and this would be great to get as a gift, we all love having a cute make up bag to store our make up in. She is one of my all time favourite bloggers/ Youtubers too so supporting her would be amazing.

What would you like this Valentines Day?

Home Sense Blog Event- Love At First Find.

February 07, 2016

 On Thursday Night I headed to the Trafford Centre to meet up with Laura before the Home Sense event. We met up outside and we were met by two lovely people who set up the event, honestly it was one of the best blog events I've been to. They set up some food for us, which was great I had come straight from work. I love having blog event in Manchester, its great to have some close to home.
 How cute are these desserts, they had sandwiches and drinks ready for us which was lovely. They were so kind to give us a £25 home sense gift voucher to spend in store during the event,myself and Laura challenged each other to see what we could find.
 We were drawn in by all the flowers, we both are obsessed with home ware so this was the perfect event for us. I would love lots of fake flowers in my house along side real plants, so that I can make my house feel bright and fresh for Spring. Below I will show you what I found, I fell in love with so many things.
 I love this chair, this is the style I am looking for, for my living room. this section was one of my favourite parts of the shop, I wish my lounge had these pieces in them. The colours made the area for me, its what I want for my house. 
 Baby blue is one of the colours I know I want to work with in my house, this would have been great for my house if I could have carried it to my car. I love how different it is, in Home Sense you never know what you will find. We walked around the shop about four times to have a good look at everything. Now that I am looking at these pictures I wish I had picked up those cushions too. 

 So lets talk about what I found for my house, thank you so much for the Gift card. I found a new note pad, you can never have enough of them. I love the zebra design, Laura said that is a note pad for you!! I found this A sign for my bedroom, I think I will move it to my office when it is complete. The note pad was £3.99* and the sign was £4.99*.
 Myself and Laura found this cute mint basket, we said it would look great with Lush bath bombs in it. This was £7.99* which is a bargain. I love all the colours I found for my house and they all work really well. As we went around the store we talked about what we wanted to find, what we needed and what would work in each room. I love my vase that I found, this is in my dinning room now, the lilac shade is gorgeous. 

 This was my favourite find, I would have bought two if I could. I decided to buy one for my bedroom. This cushion was £12.99* and it works really well in our bedroom. Everything I found fits in well and they all add in something new to my house on a budget. I love Home Sense you can find some great pieces and they all seem to be a bargain. I have just moved into a new home and I am getting really into decorating it. On this cushion I love the pop of yellow, I am wanting to add in pops of colour to the room.

I had so much fun at this event, it was just what I needed to cheer me up after a long day at work. I want to thank the lovely people who set up this event, I could do it all over again. 

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