My Spring Make Up Picks.

May 26, 2016

 I am loving doing my make up at the minute because of certain products that I enjoy. I have been watching YouTube tutorials on Spring make up and I love all the pinks being used. Spring is my favourite season and I love all the bright colours being used in make up looks, I have been using a lot of pinks. I have this new Primer from Witch to thank this Spring because it keeps my skin clear and works so well alongside my make up. Its cooling on the skin when you apply it, it fights to keep your skin spot free and works so well as a primer. My make up stays on all day at work and the primer doesn't feel sticky or weird on the skin when you apply it. I need to buy a new one, I have used this everyday for the past two months.
 My go to foundations that never let me down are all from Rimmel, this one is my all time favourite. Lasting finish is a full coverage foundation but that is what I love about it, it stays on all day and its so easy to apply. I love how easy it is to blend and my skin looks smooth and spot free, which is what I want for my Spring look. It has spf 20 in which is great and its so affordable. 
 I have been using this on my eyes and I cannot fault it. I am in love with all the shades, I use browns and golds all year round but for Spring I love to add in the gold shades. This palette has them all in one, they blend really well and the pigmentation is great. Collection are one of mt all time go to drug store brands. If you are on the hunt for a new palette this is the one and it is so affordable, its one of the best palettes I have ever used. It helps create easy, Spring make up looks and I can still use this in the Winter months.
 For my nails I had to add in this nail polish from Essie, its an oldie but a goodie from my collection. Cute as button really lives up to its name, I love using this in Spring/ Summer, its a gorgeous pink that is so easy to apply and glides on to the nails neatly. Essie do one of the best nail products out there and this one is amazing. 

This little palette has been a big part of my make up looks the past two to three months. I am loving using this for contour, highlighting and the blush shade is gorgeous. three in one and it is so easy to apply, on the back of the product there is a demonstration on how to use it. The highlighter I love to apply to my cheek bones and over my nose, it gives you a beautiful glow for Spring. Its not over the top too which is what I love, it brings out my make up along side using the contour which is all new to me. Such a great drugstore product to have in your make up bag this Spring/ Summer. So easy to apply and it has made a big difference to my routine. To finish off my simple eye look I love to use the false push up drama mascara to add some definition to my eyes, I love dark black mascaras that really bring out my eyes. 

What products are you loving this Spring?

Does Your Blog Need A Make Over?

May 25, 2016


No matter my blog needing a make over, I feel like I am in need of one. hair appointments and getting my brows done is on my list of things to do this week. When it comes to my blog I have changed the name and the logo more times than I can count on my hand. I am thinking about updating the layout soon now, I am so pleased with my header though. Its simple yet effective, let me know what you guys think?

I wanted to share with you some tips on giving your blog a little bit of an update. For me it helps me to feel refreshed and it helps with my creativity. My blog is my baby and I want it to represent me and my work. 

Logo: So I have changed my logo so many times over the last 4 years, I've gone from my cute panda to my simple yet hopefully effective use of my name. My name is Abigail kempen but I play on my nickname Kemples. I find that changing it up helps me feel more creative and once you settle on a logo you love you can feel proud of it. Have no shame in changing it up, so many big bloggers re brand and it looks amazing.

Content: When I first started my blog it was all about beauty but now I change it up with advice, personal posts, my life and I still adore beauty. I just love to change up my content so it truly shows you who I am and what I love. I share with you my family  photos, not only do I want to it also is somewhere I can go to store my memories. My little blog is my diary of my life, things I love so don't be afraid to push yourself with your content. It helps to stay creative and inspired.

Layout: I love changing up the layout of my blog, I now have it simple and professional. I used to use so many links and bits on the side bars. I find keeping it simple, clear and easy to use it a must. This comes from my photography degree, where they drilled into me simple, easy to read and effective. Logo, white background and great photographs work for me, it is what draws me to read a blog.

Photography: This may be easy for me to say but photographs are really important on a blog, it draws me in to read one. I have a degree in photography so i really try to keep y photographs as clear and professional looking as I can. I find it very important in a blog, it creates a story for me. The best example for this is Wish Wish Wish.

Be You: There is nothing better than reading a blog and feeling like you know the person who wrote it. Just like YouTube, I feel like the best ones act themselves, so don't be shy to be you. 

Growing: By this I mean maybe starting a YouTube channel. This is something I am planning on doing because why the hell not. I would love to be able to chat with you in more detail about beauty products and do mini videos. Growing with your blog and expanding it to other platforms is a positive move.

I find needing a make over is not a bad thing, it can help to boost your creativity and how you see your blog progressing in the future. Even if its a small change like the layout or logo it can really have a positive effect on your content. I love to work on my blog, it grows with me as a person. I started my blog when I was 19 and now I am turning 25 on Sunday. I can see myself writing this blog forever, when I have children and grow as a person I want to bring you with me.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your tips?

Decorating My Lounge With WayFair.

May 24, 2016

 With Spring upon us it is the perfect time to do up a room in your house, we decided to work on our lounge. It is one of the rooms we spend the most time in and its really bright, so in the living room we decided it needs a bright colour. Our living room is all about relaxing and feeling at home. Creating a place for relaxation is key.
 We moved into our new home in January and I have been obsessed with decorating each room. We live in a rented house so using pieces that stand out is key, the lamp and rug has transformed the living room with soft lighting and a pop of colour. 
 Soft furnishings are key for creating a comfy vibe to the living room, using soft shades of grey to work well with the bright yellow from the rug. Family photographs in simple white frames add in some character. Plants are a must to add in greens to the room, I love how this one adds life to the room all ready for Spring. Even though its Spring comfy throws are a must in the living room.
The rug completes this room, adding in some bright colours was a great idea. I am always online looking for inspiration and I love the Scandinavian style. This rug adds in texture and colour to the room which is needed. I am a big fan of grey and whites for a simple style that's refreshing. I want to add in more colour to my house and hints of it makes a big change. This gorgeous pouffe is something I see online and it creates a comfy knitted feel to my room, this corner of my room is comfy to read and blog near the bright windows.

I hope this gives you inspiration to do up a room in your house ready for Spring. This is a perfect corner of my house to curl up on the chair with a blanket to blog or watch a film.
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