My Christmas Next Home Ware Wish List.

November 25, 2015

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight 

Today I went to go have a look at a house near my work and Robs, I fell in love with it instantly. I feel so excited that I have made myself feel sick, I am hoping it all comes together before Christmas. This is why I decided to type up a home ware wish list to try and get my excitement out of my head. I have a theme in mind with this new house, its similar to what I have now but I would like to make it feel more homely. The colour scheme I would like is rose gold, white and black with lots of cute lights. 

I have picked out a few home ware pieces I would like in my new home, candles and cute little storage tins are key. I would love to add in a lot of cute lighting pieces, from candles to amazing floor lamps. I love the alphabet candle, its simple and effective so I  would like to pick this up soon. I am in love with the fox jar, I am obsessed with woodland at the minute so this will be a priority to get for my kitchen. 

For my lounge I would love for it to be full of lovely cushions on our grey sofas. I think I may just have to pick up the cushion with border collies on, its a must have for me. For the first time today I feel excited about Christmas, putting up our tree in front of the gorgeous bay window will be so exciting. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan before Christmas because I am very impatient when it comes to moving. I get super excited about it all, I can't wait to have a look in Home Sense too when we move in, you can find some amazing pieces in there.

Products I am Loving Right Now.

November 24, 2015

 A few days ago I shared with you some new skin care products to my routine. Here is the full blog post about the products. They are perfect, my skin feels like new and I cannot thank Root & Flower enough. I love the packaging and the products are 100% raw, natural and organic. The products can heal,balance and nourish the skin, I agree. I just cannot get enough of the products, I may have to get more. A small amount of each product goes a long way, they have done wonders to my skin care routine. I love the bag they came in too, it just adds that special touch to the products.
 This month I have discovered so many new products to try out for my skin care, this mask is one of them. This mask is a full on pamper session, relaxation mask for when your skin needs a boost. You leave it on for 30 minutes so that it can dry, you then peel it off. It is very satisfying to do this, it leaves my skin super soft. This mask I purchased from Boots for £6, I went back the next day and bought a second box, I may need to try the brightening mask too. In the box you get three sachets of the mask, you need to put the mask on with a thick layer. Once it dries you can peel it off, trust me the wait is worth it. It is a deep cleanse mask, one that I am obsessed with. This is new to me but it is one that I need to use at least twice a month. Its detoxifying which is what I love about it, after a long week this mask helps refresh my skin.
 Recently I have been on the hunt for something to whiten my teeth, a product that works. This product landed at my door just in time, its perfect to remove stains and cleans the teeth. It is very important to me to keep my teeth looking good, keeping them as white as I can. This is the first time I have used Blanx* but I know I will have this in my next Boots basket. 

Now that it is getting colder I am loving having a long hot bath after a long day at work. I came across the new Imperial leather shower creams in Boots and decided to buy one of each. I picked up the coconut, refresher and marsh mallow scents. They are incredibly comforting and would be a great stocking filler this Christmas. I may need to go into Boots and purchase some more. I love them because they are different, sweet and make your skin smell lovely. 

What products are you loving? 

My happiness Planner- 100 days challenge.

November 23, 2015

 This year for me has been an exciting,sad, upsetting,crazy year. I want to start 2016 in a positive light, new start and all. I am in a happy place with my job and my little family with Rob, as you know we adore our two border collies. focusing on the small things has been my own theme the past couple of months and it really helps me to focus. I love to make notes and lists of blog ideas etc. So when I received my happiness planner in the post I was so excited to get started. 
 This planner focuses on Happiness rather than productivity, its personal to you. You can start the planner when you feel ready, it takes 100 days to break a habit. This planner helps you to focus on your happiness, with some great quotes along the way. Its a journey that you write down, you can focus on what makes you happy by noting down each day. It helps you apply the practice of joy, happiness in your life. 
Aqua 100 day Planner $29*

This planner helps you set goals, practice self reflection and it helps you start each day with a positive start. I plan to take 10 minutes of each day to write in my planner, I want my mind set to change. I have so much to be thankful for, so I need to focus on my mind to change it to think of the best outcomes etc. I want to plan my life around things that truly matter, the small things can be the best moments. 

This book can help you cut out the things that hold you back, for me its my mind set. i want to end each day with gratitude, which is very important to me. You can cut out things that make you happy and stick it into this planner, become creative with it. At the end of the planner you review your 100 day challenge to see how you felt throughout the process.

I love the colour of this planner, I got mine in Aqua but they do black and pink too. I adore the gold foil stamping on the front of the cover. There is 161 pages to fill with your answers, thoughts and ideas.

100 days is the perfect amount to get into a new routine, thought process. You can start the planner whenever you want which helps to stay focused. When you move onto a new planner you should be able to see results, this is what I am excited about. I will be 25 in 2016 so change, happiness is a big part of my plan.

Inside this planner you can keep track of exercise, which helps your mind stay positive. Food planner, goal setting, daily quotes, to do lists and more. I have decided to start my planner this week so that I can start my new year in a positive mind set. 

What do you think of this planner?

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