December 31, 2012

Ponche Lush Shower Gel

This product I got for Christmas and it smells so super, it is inspired by a Mexican Christmas punch which has orange juice and a shot of tequila in it which makes this product boozy, fruity and uplifting as it says on the packaging. This is a product that can be used a few times a week as it is strong scented but perfect. It is a very festive product that will get used plenty of times through to the new year. I didn't think I would like this product as I am a fruity strawberry scent lover and thought it would be very strong scent but it is such a lovely product you just cannot say no to it,  anything by Lush does make me fall in love. This Christmas products where very good and I already want to purchase some more products soon.
The scent of this is fun and leaves the skin feeling lovely and you won't be disappointed,  the only down side to this product is that it is now unavailable as it is the Christmas limited edition. 

What do you think of this product?
Did you love it this Christmas?



December 30, 2012

My New Years Resolutions

So thought I would do my New Years resolutions on my blog so that I can go back to them and read this to remind myself what needs doing! plus it is good to have somewhere to write (type) down things that are on your mind. 2012 has flown by and I cannot believe how fast it came and went specially Christmas this week. I have a big year this 2013 because I graduate from university and need to start my grown up life by figuring out my job and hopefully being able to afford my own little home with my Rob and animals. 
bring on a happy New Year please!!

My New years resolutions: 

Some are to be done this year and some to be done by time I am 30 at least

  • This is going to sound cringey but all I want is to be happy, specially with my boyfriend Rob and our animals. 
  • Will go to the gym again like I used to last summer and work out to be healthy and eat healthier and look after myself plus want to look good at my graduation and feel happy.
  • No takeaways from the 1st January for two months.
  • Save save save money!
  • Go on holiday or even a small break away as would love to take Rob on a plane as he has never been on one! Im lucky as lived abroad for 15 years and experienced something different, want him to as well.
  • Graduate with a decent grade! it is very important to me this one.
  • Finish my dissertation to the best I can and get on to the final show in London <3
  • Get a car that does not leak through the roof, nightmare when it rains a lot here in England!
  • make sure I take time out to relax
  • I defiantly want my own home with Rob and to decorate our own space would be perfect by June/July.
  • All I want to do is work hard and enjoy my job :)
  • Keep this blog running as I love to blog and reach 1000 followers.
  • make time for my beautiful friends as before you know weeks have gone by.
  • travel to London more plus get to see  Laura  there 
  • Deal with my anxiety and enjoy my life because I am lucky .
  • Feel confident in my own body and enjoy everyday <3 
  • Walk my lovely dog everyday even when its raining.
  • I understand Afrikaans very well and learn't this in 3 months when I lived in South Africa so I would love to be fluent in German by end of the year. (Summer Project)
  • Take plenty of photographs and get them printed so I do not loose them if laptop dies.
  • Save for our dream holiday to Australia for 2014.
  • Go to the beach with Rob and Bella this Summer more often.
  • Do my final show at university to the best I can possibly do.
  • not to let little things upset me
  • Open a savings account
  • start to donate money to RSPCA again and carry on donating to Dogs Trust.
  • Try work with animals at a zoo etc dream job that I would be very passionate about.
  • go first class on a train
  • swim with dolphins
  • stay in a beach hut.
  • smile more and enjoy being myself and become confident.
  • Get another dog when we move in to our own house.
  • go camping

So many goals but I am determined to make this 2013 a big year as it already has some big plans in there such as graduating and finding my own little home. I might add to this as I go along too. 

What are your resolutions?
feel free to comment below or send me the link of your post?



December 29, 2012

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub Lush

This product by Lush is super, I adore the bright blue colour as when I opened it I was shocked by the brightness of it which is perfect as it makes it fun and appealing to everyone. It does it job very well as you lather it on to the skin you can feel the difference and leaves the skin super exfoliated. I adore this product and want plenty of it so I try to not use too much at one time but saying this I have used it twice and can see that it will last many more baths or showers. Got this in a box set for Christmas and super happy that  I did as I would go a purchase it again as it leaves skin glowing. 
This product is also a scrub for the feet, so when you have had a long day at work this product will make you feel instantly better after a bath or shower.
The scent is mimosa and orange flower which does smell perfect creates a perfect product that is enjoyable to be used by men and women I would say.

Has anyone else got this for Christmas?
love it?



December 28, 2012

Meet Alfie

Alfie My Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend who let me pick him on Christmas eve from this lovely farm near our house. It was the best surprise as I have wanted a little bunny for ages and didn't think I could get one yet. He is the cutest little bunny ever and so friendly, he loves hopping around with Bella and exploring. My Collie Bella is so good with him, she is such a good girl so proud. Alfie is only 8 weeks old so he is still a baby, love his white belly and mustache so cute.
He is a Black Otter rabbit which is sweet, my friend Liz has the same bunny which is cool. 
He gets plenty cuddles and kisses, he fits in perfectly to my family, so happy with my babies as you can see in the top right corner, that photograph I will be printing to go in a frame I got for my 21st in May as it is the perfect photograph of my babies. My hair tad fluffy as just got in from work on boxing day. :)

Thought I would introduce you to little Alfie :)
I adore my animals so much <3 



Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Hello Sweeties, hope you all have had an amazing Christmas and hope all have a lovely New Year!

This Lush product I got from a lovely friend from university who took a sneaky peak at my blog to see if I had done a Christmas wish list which I had done. Thank you so much Liz, it is such an incredible product and really do not want it to go down before next Christmas when it will be out hopefully or I will cry! My lovely friend Loulabeth has bought me the large bottle of this so she is incredible too, she went to the 50% off sale at Lush on boxing day and as I was working she thought of me like the amazing person she is, love her to bits thank you!

So this product smells of candyfloss and pear drops which is the most amazing smell ever, nothing will  beat this smell this Christmas as I enjoyed having a bubble bath and using the wand too which I have blogged about I will link below. What makes it special too it contains glitter in the gel too which is so cute and love products like this super girly and perfect as per from Lush. You only need a tiny bit to make a lather enough to smell amazing and it stays on the skin after as well which is a bonus. The only bad point about this product is that it is not available all year round but only at Christmas, which probably will make it unique and a smell you will remember for Christmas. This product is perfect and will be using plenty of it this year coming.

Take a look at the magic wand review if you love baths - LINK



December 19, 2012

Christmas Tag

Image Pinterest
1. What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

I love giving my family and friends some lovely presents and wrapping them all nicely, I love the atmosphere of Christmas and being with my family on Christmas day specially my lovely boyfriend. Excited this year even got my dog a Christmas jumper :) 

2. What's your favourite make up look for the festive season?

wearing red lipstick, this year my favorite is Kate moss 107 :)

3. Real tree or fake tree?

I don't mind as I just love to make the tree look super Christmassy with lots lights and colour :)

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

Definitely giving! I love wrapping presents and making them look so cute. Specially love sitting around with my family on Christmas morning and opening them as the atmosphere is lovely and happy.

5. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?


6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I love getting home made cards but i also could make mine but I do love going shopping for bought ones. This year mine has border collies on them shocker :p

7. What's your favourite Christmas film?

The Grinch :)

8. What's your favourite Christmas food?

Roast potatoes!!!

Found this tag on this blog - LINK

I tag Loulabeth

Feel free to email or tweet me :)


Monthly Fave Blogs

Hello Sweetie pies!
I thought I would share a couple blogs a month that I adore, share the blog love! <3
As I have many blogs that I love to read thought I would share some of my favorite bloggies!
Feel free to leave a comment with your blog links I do love finding some new blogs to read :)
 feel free to leave feedback if hate or love this idea :D

Image from Loulabeth

I am going to start with my little buddy Laura she is super and love her to bits, she tries really hard with her blog and is very passionate about it. We used to work together and got on very well from the beginning which is awesome and we tend to love the same things. She got me interested in starting to blog as we both adore beauty products and going on days out. She lives in London at the moment and I do love going there to see her it is a beautiful place.
Here is her blog link Loulabeth and her blog is full of cuteness and I really enjoy reading her reviews on products.

Image from Babyface

This blog I adore by Amy she blogs about personal style, her beauty favorites and some everyday life posts with some adventures added in. This blog shows her amazing style  and is well documented with lovely photographs, she also does well reviewed products which are lovely to read.
 It is a lovely blog to read and keep up to date with, defiantly one to add to your favorites.
here is the link to her blog- BABYFACE

Let me know if should do this post every month and would love for you guys to send me some links.


Twitter: @abikempen

December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella The Border collie

Hello Sweeties!
Tomorrow is a special day for a special little dog, It is my border collies birthday she is two years old and was thinking how time flies. She means the world to me and thought it be nice to do a post that I can look back on in many years to come and have some memories saved.
She is the best little dog I could ever ask for and loves her dad (Rob) and me so much. very loyal and such a cutie who loves car rides and teddy bears. We went to Pets At Home for a new toy for her and let her pick one out, she really did pick one she decided on a grey teddy bear. She is currently lying next to me cuddling this bear <3
So hope you enjoy this post and hopefully many more lifestyle posts to come <3

 As she was one of my mom's border collie babies I was there when she was born this was taken a few hours after when they got settled. I am so happy got to witness this because as soon as she was born I told my mom please I have to keep that one and now she lives with me and my boyfriend. He bought her for me as a Valentines present which really happened to be end January when we got her.She will always be the best thing in my life and she gets spoilt rotten with loads of hugs and teddies.
     First day we got to take her home, the Border collie teddy is larger than her which we bought for her to make her feel at home and safe <3
 Look how small she is omy, Here she is a few months old and such a mischief :)
 This is the first toy I bought her, she was one of my mom's dogs babies so I used to sneak her to my room for a cuddle :) This photo was taken just after I found out I could keep her <3

 She adores having a good run outside with a Frisbee or tennis ball, we enjoy long walks and going to the park together :)
This was taken today before we went to Pets at home for a birthday present for Bella, she picked out a grey teddy bear and was such a good dog in the shop. She loves doing tricks and going for drives in the car with me, she is like my little shadow <3

Happy 2nd Birthday Izabella 

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, it made me think how fast she has grown :)

Feel free to contact me by email or Twitter.


December 13, 2012

Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar Review

Lush says:
"A reusable bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam. This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bath.
The magic of this version is that you can wave your wand under the water until you have the amount of bubbles you want – then you just stash it someone safe to dry off, ready for when you next bath."

This product I got as a Christmas present as I blogged about it on a wish list further down this blog, cheeky Liz had a look and I am so happy she did because this product is super! It is amazing that you can use it several times depending on how much bubbles you want and that it drys so well to be re used too. You run it under the tap and swish it round the bath for the perfect foaming bath. It smells amazing and reminds me of standing in a sweet shop as a kid which is great! This is for the people who prefer to bath as there is a shower gel too which I have and will be blogging about it soon! This product seems expensive at £4.95 but the fact you can re use it and you smell amazing after a bath is worth it. 
I loved the whole idea of swishing it around in the bath which is great fun, this would be perfect present for a stocking filler for Christmas or even to get young children to enjoy a bath as the wand is a fun feature to bath time. Love this product and would defiantly purchase more of it when it runs out or even next year as it is a limited edition for Christmas.
Go get yours, you wont be disappointed promise :) £4.95

If you would like me to review a product contact me by email or twitter :)



December 12, 2012

Sanctuary Gift Set Review (*)

Taken from the  website to get to know the product more: ''This gift was inspired by Darcey Bussell a graceful beauty with an enviable complexion. As a former principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet for almost 20 years she embodies natural beauty & happiness. The Sanctuary Spa was originally set up 35 years ago as a place for ballerinas at the Royal Ballet to unwind & enjoy treatments to relax tired muscles. With this sumptuous Gift set you can be ballet beautiful top to toe in no time; take home luxury & renew your inner glow as you replenish, relax & revitalise.''

 I will start of with the packaging of this beautiful Sanctuary set which from first glance looks eye catching and has very classy branding which stands out and makes it feel very personal and perfect for a Christmas present. The wash bag it comes in is very high quality and is water resistant which is a bonus too. The colours have been very well considered and stands out on its own and recognizable as Sanctuary. The wash bag has a embossed logo of Sanctuary on it which is lovely and has a little extra zip on the bag for little bits you need to fit in. It is a perfect size for traveling and this goes hand in hand with the size of the products.

Gift set includes:-
  • Foaming Bath Soak 75ml 2.53floz
  • Body Lotion 75ml 2.53floz
  • Brightening Radiance Exfoliator 15ml 0.5floz
  • Brightening Moisture Boosting Mask 15ml 0.5floz
  • Luxury Foot Polish 75ml 2.53floz
  • Intensive Rescue Heel Balm 75ml 2.53floz
  • Ballet Slippers

The size of the products is perfect to pamper yourself anywhere, home or traveling which is perfect if going away for the weekend in the New Year.I adore the packaging again on the products, stands out well and is very classy such as a ballerina which it is branded on. The design is very elegant and perfect quality products that leave you feeling relaxed and smelling amazing after a long day or getting ready for a Christmas/ New Year party.
The slippers add a cute touch to this hamper and gives a great end to the pampering specially after using the intensive heel balm with the luxury foot polish which both products work very well and I adore tea tree which smells amazing. Both products are worth trying and do what they say they will, creates perfectly soft skin on the feet and cute soft slippers to add to it.

The face mask is a ultimate moisture boost mask to revive the skin for a glowing finish. This really is what it does, it feels so soft and glowing which creates a lovely base for the daily make up routine. Recommended to leave this product on over night which is an option for extra boost, so much love for face masks but this one is in my top ten and would use it again.
While I had the face mask on I tried the foaming bath soak which smells super and is extremely relaxing and creates the perfect bath time! add some candles to get that perfect spa smell from the bubble bath and relaxation from the dimmed lights.
After the bath try the body lotion it is such a lovely cream it leaves the skin soft and happy, the smell of it is amazing and left my skin feeling clean and well moisturized for 24 hours which is perfect.
The radiance exfoliator refines and evens skin tone for a lasting glow, is one of the best products I have tried in ages because it leaves the skin feeling soft and feels like you have been to the spa which is a bonus because this whole package costs just £20 which is perfect for a Christmas present or just a treat for yourself after a long day.

Highly recommended products and perfect packaging.

If you would like me to review any products please contact me by email or Twitter.



December 08, 2012

Wellie wish list!

I have been shopping around for some wellies as I can be fussy with the patterns and from doing this post I am really not sure on which ones I prefer. 
I got most of the wellies of the website Joules which they have plenty to choose from, different patterns and you can get ankle length ones and different colours to suit you.
My favorite pair from this website has to be the blue wellies with polka dots on them super cute!

I put the amazing Hunter wellies on this list as I was thinking of getting them for Christmas as I have wanted a pair for so long. I need some wellies to walk my beautiful collie in the snow over Christmas <3

How cute are the designs, which pair do you recommend for me?

Which pair to walk this monkey? <3



December 07, 2012

£100 Christmas challange

One / Two / Three / Four

I have been asked by Fashion Vouchers to create a outfit for the Christmas party season and this is my outfit. I wanted to go simple but effective with the accessories because of the beautiful print on the dress. This dress is only £38 which is not to bad and the lovely print means you could wear it in the spring/summer to a BBQ or pool party.
The simple necklace brings the outfit together and creates a girly but edgy feel to it, specially with the studs on the heels as for me anything with studs on this year I need in my wardrobe. The heels bring the outfit together by making it more edgy and not too girly. The heels are £27.99 which is a bargain and will look good with a lot more outfits you own as they are black and on trend. I honestly adore shoes so you cannot have enough :)

Total: £85.99

If you want to join in feel free all need to do is email your post to:



December 06, 2012

Christmas Lush Wish List!

I am addicted to Lush products, They never ever disappoint me as they always have such an amazing smell and they are lovely gift ideas! Hint hint !

Honestly every time I go into Lush I have to buy something, the smells and products always draw me in as I love having plenty of beauty products. My draws are full of bits and bobs.
These products I really want to try as soon as I can get some, I have heard good things about the Snow Fairy and the magic wand bubble bar!

If looking for a perfect gift this year than I recommend the Lush gift boxes, I love having something come in a cute tin or box it makes the present feel unique. You get a few things in the boxes that you can try and it is lovely to have a warm bath and get into the new pj's and relax watching Christmas films with the family.

These products I will get my hands on soon as I can :)


hope you enjoyed this post, Have you tried any of the above products?
Recommend any?



December 05, 2012

The perfect party outfit!

One/ Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

Hello Sweeties! It is now nearing to the Christmas Party season and as I am trying to find the perfect outfit for my Christmas party this Sunday I thought I would try and help you guys with a little outfit post. 

The dress is a perfect colour this season as it is a burgundy shade, to make it even better it is velvet which brings a whole new feel to this dress for the party. It is such a lovely shade it will stand out for itself and look fab and different. The length and style is super cute to go with the bowler hat which brings in a bit of edge and chic to the outfit. I think that this outfit could be worn again with some Chelsea boots and a leather jacket. bargain if you ask me, as you won't just be buying a dress that you can only wear once and it won't go to waste sat in the cupboard.  

I tried to keep the accessories simple to match the black and gold heels, how cute are those heels I defiantly wish I could buy them for my Christmas party! they are a little pricey for my budget this December as I want to save for presents for my friends and family.
The bag is simple with cute gold detail to match the heels and bowler hat, it brings out the colour of the dress. I do love black heels as I love to be able to match them with plenty of my outfits, these are defiantly on my wish list!
Shoes and more shoes why not!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Has it inspired you to buy a similar outfit?
Enjoy the party season guys!


Twitter: @abikempen


November 23, 2012

Topshop Wish List

Here is my Topshop wish list for this month ( November) I might even treat myself to something of this list on pay day. which one should it be?

I adore the knitted bobble hats this Winter/ Autumn as it keeps my head warm and adds to the outfit I feel. I have a navy bobble hat at the moment and would love this burgundy one please.

I adore the colours and style of the top, it is girly and super cute with the collar detail. pair the boots with leggings and bobble hat and bammmm perfect outfit. Don't forget the black leather jacket too.
This outfit won't be perfect without the right lipstick and this one from Topshop which is the nude shade,   fun for a day that does not need a bright lipstick as I tend to wear my Kate moss 107 too much lately.

These boots are a must have, I need these boots in my life and so does Loulabeth. They are perfect in every way and would go with so many outfits, I have been looking for some perfect boots as I am so fussy but these I would love in my wardrobe please!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


Twitter: @abikempen


November 21, 2012

Christmas personalized Gifts

Hello guys!
I am starting my Christmas shopping which is exciting as it is my favorite time of the year to spend with family and my lovely boyfriend and pup :)
Thought I would share with you some gift ideas while browsing to get some ideas flowing and to get feedback on what you thought! All gifts are from  Prices range so check out this website for all the cute presents.

This would be a perfect gift for my boyfriend as he is so hard to buy for and I love buying gifts that you can keep and it has a meaning behind them. I love the fact it is leather and so simple but adorable. 
You can get this bracelet personalized with dates, names and whatever you fancy adding to it.
This product is £45 which isn't to bad for a present that can be cherished hopefully :)
So cute that you can add names and messages on to this, love bits like that to be honest.
You can get women's bracelets and friendship ones too! 

Initial wash bags would be cute idea because it shows that you have thought of them and that it gives it a personal touch to the present. I am one of those people that like things with my initial on it and specially love the necklace Loulabeth got me with an A on it. So this would be cute and perfect to add little bits of small gifts inside. 
LINK £20

This cute locket is simple on the outside but has a lovely initial in the middle with a cute love heart.
This is a lovely idea to show your love for someone and to have something to keep for a long time to remember  this Christmas. The inside is inlaid with copper, which again has darkened over time to a rich, salmon pink. That is a cute idea to have something that will grow and change over time, it is interesting. You can choose the initial you want inside which a lovely touch to a present. This locket is £26 and from here,

 This is such a good little idea and it can mean a lot to someone, super cute idea. 

Little bit taken from the website to explain this idea ''We advise our customers to choose locations that are larger villages, towns or cities as we use lovely old maps and these kind of locations are more likely to crop up on them! We really struggle with places like schools, little farms, postcodes, private lanes, village shops'' 
I love this idea of having a necklace of a place that means a lot to you, it could be where you and your boyfriend met for example which is really cute. Another idea could be your first holiday together that meant a lot to the both of you. This product is £29.50 LINK

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
what do you think of these ideas?



Twitter: @abikempen

November 18, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Film Review

Breaking dawn part 2:

So I thought I would have film reviews on my blog as I love going to the cinema and watching films is one of my favorite past times. I am not good at describing films but thought I would just say what I thought and see what you guys thought of the films.

I was so excited to go see Breaking Dawn part 2 from the day I saw part 1, so this film did not disappoint me at all. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a good way to end a vampire love story, so sad to know it is all over and there won't be another one made. Might have to get the box set soon so that I can watch them. I enjoyed the film and would give it a 8/10 as it was enjoyable and I was glued to the screen which for me is good as get distracted easily. My favorite part was the fighting scene as I was upset that some of the wolves and Cullen's would die, that would have mad it a sad ending but it all mad sense in the end. The little girl played a good part in this film and suited her role as their child, I thought the beginning should have used a real baby as it looked odd? still very good. I don't want to go into to much detail to ruin it all for you guys that have not seen it yet.  Very enjoyable and defiantly buy some popcorn and a drink to enjoy the cinema experience.


I do love Kirsten Stewart and loved her role in the Snow white & the huntsman, thought that was an exciting twist on the classic Snow white. Specially love films with Charlize Theron in it and she played her role excellently. So I recommend that film with Kirsten in it. I do not want to judge her on her personal life either in the films as I have no idea what the truth is behind the magazine but not going to lie love magazines and celeb gossip. I would say to you guys to watch that film too and would give it a 7/10. very enjoyable and defiantly a good one to watch this Christmas when it gets very cold.



Twitter: @abikempen

November 16, 2012

Soap & Glory: Sugar Crush

sugar Crush: Soap & Glory

 Soap & Glory's energizing  revitalizing fresh & foamy body wash and bath bubbles scented with freshly squeezed lime. 

This body wash is one of the best ones I have tried this year, it is defiantly my favorite this month and once you use a bit you want to use even more of it in one bath :)
The scent of this is so fresh and smells amazing, it is different to any of the other products and works wonders on the skin to smell amazing all day. This product I use nearly everyday and it is perfect. I recommend this product to be purchased asap! 
If you buy this for a friend this Christmas they will be so happy with it because of the unique smell and Soap & Glory never let you down with their products in my opinion.
The best part is that you can use this for bubbles in the bath and it leaves the skin smooth and smelling beautiful while relaxing. The citrus smell you wont be able to get enough of it is magical. I love anything fruity and floral smelling so this I would give a 10 out of 10 because it is a all rounder, works wonders and smells amazing! no complaints for this product. 
purchase this for just £6.50.




November 15, 2012

Christmas Stocking fillers for Him

I did a for her post yesturday so thought I would make one for him. These where really fun to find and put together hope it helps to find bits for this Christmas.

This dinosaur is super cute you will have to buy this for your brother or boyfriend as every one will love this little guy. It is a good alternative to a hot water bottle and is super cute! love him aww Link £8

This little guy is awesome, how cute is the little beanie! He is a speaker and will play your music loudly. I know my boyfriend would love this gadget. £20 Link

Star wars is awesome and I know this will be perfect to have in a stocking as it is a cool little piece. Even has a led light in the foot :)
Link £8

A hip flask is always a good thing to buy as you can get all sorts of different pretty designs, this one could be for her or him as urban outfitters has plenty to choose from. Mustaches are everywhere this year so this is perfect! LINK £12

I bought these balloon animals for a friend last year and it was super fun trying to create the animals. everyone on Christmas day had fun with this so I defiantly recommend this one. such a good price as well and they are good quality £6 Link

This one could be a main present as it is £45, depends on what your budget is but I have one of these from Urban outfitters and it is amazing. best buy I have made since being at university even though I study Photography. This camera is so easy to use and the images are so much fun to have printed with this camera. This would be a perfect Christmas present for a boyfriend of a year or your brother if he loves taking photographs. :) LINK

Hope you enjoyed these posts and it has given you some ideas :)



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