June 30, 2012

Pear & LemonGrass

This 100% biodegradable shower gel is sulphate, paraben and colourant-free. Contains real pear and lemongrass extracts.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Soap-free
  • No sulphates, parabens or colorants
  • Pear and lemongrass scent
  • Light refreshing shower gel that revitalises whilst washing away the impacts of daily life !
I just had to blog about this product, I signed up to get a body shop card and got this free. when i smelt it at first I was soooo happy with it from then on, Its smells so goood I just have to use it more than once! I nearly used a full bottle in one shower! It smells and feel amazing I would defiantly buy more next time I go. All I can say is im addicted to buying things from The Body Shop, every time I go shopping I come back with something from here. I just can't help myself everything smells amazing. I would really buy this you will be so happy and amazed how good it is! it is only £5 bargain for such a lovely product!  There are a few more different flavors and I just want to buy them all! I love any eco-friendly product, so one that smells as gorgeous and fresh as this one is a brilliant buy and worth every penny!  also one last point to make it a decent size bottle and it will last you quite a while which is always good. 

xoxo any one else tried this product? let me know.




I have started to give £3 pound a month to the RSPCA to help with the care for the animals. really does help them to take care of all sorts of animals and situations. If I could save every hurt animal I would! really upsets me and the adverts make me cry, I am a big wuss when it comes to animals and I will always make sure I can do a little bit to help them. If you can I would give a few pounds to help them out really makes a difference and they all deserve a better life. actually wanting to cry posting this really does pull on my heart strings! <3

does anyone else donate ? please comment below :)


Found this on Pinterest!
this is true please adopt animals, give them a better home please!
when I have my own flat I am going to adopt another dog! they are perfect just need someone to love!
if I could I would save every animal but I can't 
please adopt <3



June 28, 2012

New purchases

Just a few things I have bought over the past few days, I loved the Topshop sale too much had to buy the skull bracelet as my friend Laura made me fall in love with it with hers. should have bought her one as she loves it too but thought her one was getting replaced boo! next time ey! :)
the little earnings made me smile cute little ladybirds would go well with any outfit and are so cute! these were in the sale too as £3.50 so bargain really £7.50 for both items so happy with them. wearing the lady yellow ladybirds now with my bracelet, not taken it off since I bought it.

I took a photograph of me before going out for t with my boyfriend wearing my new horse top, this one is from Primark. I really adore it as it has such cute horse pattern on it and the style is really pretty with cute little shiny buttons. It is very comfy to wear as after t I went on a bike ride with my Boyfriend and his sister. road tested :p
defiantly recommend this cute top goes well with black jeans and wedges, I wore my new black wedges that I will post up about soon. wanted them for my birthday but my size was sold out, perfect excuse when they did have them to buy them! 

Top image: got some new socks from Primark, as new socks just so comfy! and my new purse was from River Island I am so in love with it! :D
£18.00 for the purse.

xoxox Sprinkles

Me wearing the horse top :)


June 27, 2012

Addicted To Body Butter

 I thought I would share with you my collection of body butters and trust me if my boyfriend didn't tell me off every time I go to buy another I would have ten times more :)
If I was to choose a favorite it would be the strawberry one smells like starburst and that is always a good thing! I love anything strawberry and will buy it because of it. I got given the Spiced vanilla and Ginger one as a Christmas present from my boyfriend and they are gorgeous! apply them on after a warm bubbly bath and it feels heavenly! <3 I adore how lovely they all smell. I bought the duo one for dry skin because it has two different textures inside looked cool :) works wonders though makes skin so soft :D I will most likely buy more, I have seen a Raspberry and a Almond  one I really want smelt amazing!

I have also just signed up for a Body Shop card I really do recommend it get some decent prices off and birthday rewards :)


Whats In My Bag!

So I decided to do a post on what I have in my handbag most days, I really need to use my Canon  550D to take these images as I adore my camera but today I have used my Iphone as most of the time it is really handy which is always with me can not leave house with out it. I adore my Iphone case I bought in London from Accessorize because it has owls, birds, fox's and butterflies on it so cute!!
anyway back to what is in this image :)
start with my new glasses which I have posted about yesterday, these are a new must to be in my bag to wear when driving and at work which is not fun with the silly uniform I have to wear! then I have my new red Revlon lipstick  in case I need to top it up when I am out and about.
we then have my new River Island purse which is soooooo pretty even has bright pink interior :)))
I will defiantly need my car keys in my hand bag otherwise I will loose them every time I put them down! my hair brush for my travels is this cute Minnie mouse one I got it from H&M a while back but I just adore it so cute. I wore my skull bracelet to work and that is why I have it in my bag but its so pretty and I bought it in the sale on Monday :)
lastly my work keys I am forever loosing these and not being able to get into my work locker oops!
I do love my little border collie key ring though :) as you probably can tell I love key rings I have no idea why I just do! I have many more than these but I have to stop myself because people point it out :p I have much more in my bag but it is mostly junk I really need to sort it out :)



June 26, 2012

Harry the teddy and Isabella :)

This is my new teddy Harry the bear he is a present from my boyfriend :)
he got him for me today because he did order me one online and it never turned up and he had to get his money back and because he missed giving me one for my 21st in May he got me this one today :)
My Isabella loves him but she has plenty of other teddies of her own not to steal mine :) I adore this little one to bits <3 meet Isabella my border collie :)

xoxooxox Woof!


Just a lil questionnaire to get to know me more.. :)


Rules:1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

2. Tag eight other un-tagged people

What is your current fashion obsession? - Blouses 
What is your current makeup obsession? - lipstickssss
What are you wearing today? - blue dark jeans, stripy jumper.
Hair? - Straight n messy
Do you nap a lot? - not a lot
Why is today special? - just had a fun day 
What would you like to learn to do? get an amazing job when i graduate.
What's for dinner today? - chips, sausage and egg.
What are you listening to right now? - the tennis
What is your favorite weather? - HOT PLEASE!
What's the last thing you bought? -body shop card and shower gel.
What are your essentials when traveling? - Clean panties, Make up wipes, Makeup, hair brush, hair grips, toothpaste...oh my list goes on and on...
What's your style?- I really don't know. I wear a combination of so many different styles. I like to mix and match :)
What is your most challenging goal right now? - Decide where i want my life to go.
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Australia.
Favorite vacation spot? - anywhere warm beachy

Name the things you cannot live without? - my boyfriend and my dog.

How was your childhood? interesting i lived in africa

What would you like to have in your hands right now? A winning lottery ticket please?

What would you like to get rid of? hmm..my job?

What are you most excited for? ermm finishing my degree

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Australia 

Which countries have you visited? South Africa

hope this helps to get to know me better :) feel free to leave comments :)

xoxoxo Sprinkles!   Laura


Just a quick picture from my instagram of me wearing my new glasses!
GEEK! :)
Plus I have just dyed my hair dark brown :) eee


Instagram: abikempen


June Glossy Box

Got my first glossy box today, I was so excited to open it and find out what goodies I have received!
can not wait to test them all out tomorrow. tomorrow will consist of testing my glossy goodies and going to the gym!
exciting times need a pamper after past few days being at work :) Good investment to try out new things on your skin and the excitement when you are waiting for it to be delivered and opening it ! I love getting packages in the post its exciting :)

Got my first glossy box today, I was so excited to open it and find out what goodies I have received!
can not wait to test them all out tomorrow. tomorrow will consist of testing my glossy goodies and going to the gym!
exciting times need a pamper after past few days being at work :)
will keep you updated on the products as I go along using them :)
I am excited to use the leave in conditioner and I really needed new tweezers which is awesome.
I washed all my make up brushes so I love getting new ones which was included in this goodie box :)
Defiantly testing these all out tomorrow <3



June 24, 2012



can not wait to receive my first Glossybox will post up what I get and review them as I go about using them :)

xoxox sprinkles

Follow Kemples!!!

Hope you all love my new blog I have just started blogging but I am already addicted so watch out for  more reviews on films, magazines, fashion, make up and many more things!
if you love my blog please follow and send me links to your blogs love to read them <3
 lots love


Make up purchases

Firstly the Cath kidston lip balm makes lips feel amazing, best lip balm I have purchased this year.! bold statement I know, I use it when I am at work to finish of my simple make up look as I would get told of for wearing too much make up, boring I know right? but it leaves a lovely slight glow to your lips. feels amazing and the price is not to great at £5 pounds but worth it completely!

I usually swap and change my foundations as I get bored easily and want to try new ones out but this Rimmel London Wake Me Up I have been using ever since it came out and will continue to use it as it hides all my spots that come now and then and hides when  I feel really tired. over all it is amazing piece of make up. I apply it with a sponge as i think it covers all over and creates a smoother surface to apply the rest of you're make up.

£6.99 from boots

Lip stick: This lipstick I got from Avon i got it few months back so I cannot remember the colour correctly but its such a lovely bright red that is not too in your face creates the perfect night out look. I wear it quite a lot and it has lasted really well so far. yes I am one of those annoying people who leave lipstick on cups/ glasses when my boyfriend forgets my straw :p

hope enjoyed this review and it was helpful feel free to comment below.

photo of the lip stick taken on my iphone for instagram: abikempen

Lee Stafford Products

I have purchased all three of the hair growth products by Lee Stafford. I will start off with the shampoo I think that the bottles need to be a bit bigger for the price you pay for them but saying that I have used these to the shampoo every other day because i have many shampoos that need using and I can not choose because they all smell so nice, but the shampoo every time I have used it it has left my hair silky soft and by using it now and then I can see the difference from other products after I have blow dried it. I really do recommend buying at least one conditioner or the shampoo. I don't think if your saving money you need all 3 I just wanted to test them out to see if my stubborn short hair will grow to the length it used to be.
I have kept an eye on the growth of my hair, since I bought this 3 weeks ago and my hair has grown an inch since and feels very healthy. my hair is very shiny and the condition of it is so much better. I would recommend the hair growth treatment because you need to use a small amount about an egg size scoop and leave it on your for 5 minutes, I would recommend leaving it on for at least 20 minutes or more makes it super shiny the next day if you wash your hair at night. using it before you go on a night out will make your hair look shiny and really healthy because it feels like you have just had it washed at a salon.

prices :

  • Hair shampoo: £6.99
  • Hair conditioner: £6.99
  • Hair treatment: £7.99
The elvive is a good is £5.20 and works wonders on your hair leave this in for at least 15 minutes and your hair will be super soft. works wonders on damaged hair as i dye my hair quite a lot. will keep you updated on the Lee Stafford products to see how fast my hair recovers and grows!


Katy Perry - Wide Awake


meet my fishies

I have 7 fish and I love them always changing the objects in the tank for them, their favorite is a cube they can swim through in many directions! :) I would have rabbits, Guinea pigs, more dogs, cats and many more if I really could. trying to get my boyfriend to buy me a hamster but he is not having any of it! :(

Names of my fishies!

  • Fanta
  • Samantha
  • Spot
  • Dot
  • Denise
  • Button
  • Pancake
Very odd names but I love them :)

Things that make me happy

Cups of tea and Bunnies! enough said! :)


meet my pup Isabella

This is my beautiful border collie Isabella, she means the world to me so sorry to say she will be in my posts, she is such a funny dog and I adore her as she was one of my mom's dogs babies so I was there when she was born. I will be doing agility with her soon as I wouldn't mind being a dog trainer one day even though I study photography as my degree which I could still do on the side. I am still passionate about photography though I do enjoy doing shoots and walking around cities. on the second picture ignore my fat thighs and messy hair but I think it was a cute photograph of the two of us on my birthday as I went to the beach. It was her first time seeing the sea but she dived right into the water no fear! she is my boyfriends and my doggy she is now one and half years old gone so quick! remember trying to persuade his parents to let us get her. My mom has 3 border collies so they are defiantly my favorite bread of dog, so intelligent its why I want to work with them one day and train and re home them as well. <3

Katy Perry

Absolutely adore Katy Perry  she wears the most perfect clothes and has amazing set designs on her tours. I have seen her live and it was amazing defiantly recommend to see her next time she tours! I will be watching her new film as she is defiantly a role model and loved by many people. even her hair changes so much which it is always perfect I love how she has it at the moment. In this blog with my wish lists and style icons I will defiantly be posting a lot of this lady!


How cute is this little box from Sass & Bell I adore this shop and every time I visit London I go in, I could buy every thing from this store!
This would be perfect to keep all my bits and bobs in.
link to the shop : http://www.sassandbelle.co.uk/section.php/206/1/trinket-boxes
I might actually buy something soon because of how cute and sweet the designs are. They have many things with owls on so I really could spend a fortune!

Owl Obsession

I bought this of a store on Etsy I adore it because of the owl design. cute little touch to my collection of owl things  and it came wrapped in brown paper and the string was tied into a cute bow! made me smile when I get cute packages like this.


a link to a few more owl bracelets <3 I want them all :p

Owl drawing of me by Heather

This was drawn by my beautiful friend Heather, the things she can make as well are so beautiful I will link some of her work as soon as possible. She drew me as an owl because I adore them such amazing animals!
I might print and frame this in a cute frame to have it in my room as a cute decoration :)

Night out!

Night out with my friends Emma and Heather ( I will post the amazing things Heather can make soon) I wore my dress From H&M with some flats from Primark. really enjoyed this night out was the week before my birthday celebrations :)

outfit 4

I was going to wear this salmon pink top with this skirt but decided not to but i do love the top, it is from Primark. again with my skirt from Strawberry moon. I didn't pack the perfect heels to go with this which was annoying :p

outfit 3

I wore this to a meal at the O2 arena I love my skirt I can wear it with anything to create a new look every time ! <3
Top: Camden market £12
Skirt: strawberry moon £18

Outfit 2 out and about in London

Top- Topshop!
converse: can purchase these from quite a few shops!
Jacket- New Look

I wear this jacket with everything it is so comfy and light for summer.
I wore this walking round London with my boyfriend, Laura and Dom :)
we went to Nando's and had a wonder round :)

meal outfit 1

Dress I wore for my birthday meal! woo
It is from H&M and was only £7.99 :D
can actually wear it out or even with some converse to the cinema!


London Instagram Photos

These I took for my Instagram while I was In London, I study Photography as my degree so I really love taking photographs while out and about. The little squirrel was cheeky loved him, he was so cute!
I loved all the British flags everywhere, the Jubilee was  that weekend.


ed's Diner

When I was in London I came across this diner called Ed's Diner and i adore it so cute! it was in leicester square, i sent my friend Laura the image of me while I waited for her to meet up :)
we also caught a glimpse of the prometheus premier that was exciting as I adore Charlize Theron! <3 Everyone needs to visit this Diner it was adorable, cute and fun! 10/10!!

Birthday Celebrations

Just some photos from my 21st birthday I got so many lovely presents and had an amazing time in London and on the beach. some photos I have uploaded  are my birthday pressies I really love them! my watch is from H Samuel and my ring Pandora :)

Wish List

These are beautiful!
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