June 13, 2012

Dreams and Collies!

Border Collie

I have my own crazy, pretty, excited, lovely, amazing and funny border collie the list could go on and on! she is just amazing my everything. lately I have come to realize I really want to work with animals and I need to achieve this to be happy in my job when I leave university, as I am studying Photography and hopefully will leave with good grades I still want to  do something to help animals and care for them. as a child I wanted to become a vet but hats a no go as I am not bright enough and plus its not just making animals better :( have to deal with death as well but on a better note I will hopefully be helping out  at a animal shelter where you can take you're family to see goats, sheep, horses, rabbits and many more, I did a post about the place further down my blog :)
Hopefully this will be a good started to my career working with animals. I will also ask if I could take photos for a calender or pictures for the family's with the animals for the company. so this would bring in my degree with the animal work.

I will also be training my collie in agility and will try post some videos of her on here when we get to do it next week hopefully. I am really excited about this and it shows what my true passion is! I have been reading this little book about collies and I just want to own a farm full of them, I just adore them!
This little book was bought for me by my boyfriends mom when I got my Isabella. 

I will keep  you updated on Bella's progress in her classes!
I have started clicker training her and she is brilliant at all her tricks its her favorite time of the day but don't forget the treats :D

A x 

This is Isabella :) xoxo 

Hope you enjoyed this post :) lots love .


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