June 24, 2012

Lee Stafford Products

I have purchased all three of the hair growth products by Lee Stafford. I will start off with the shampoo I think that the bottles need to be a bit bigger for the price you pay for them but saying that I have used these to the shampoo every other day because i have many shampoos that need using and I can not choose because they all smell so nice, but the shampoo every time I have used it it has left my hair silky soft and by using it now and then I can see the difference from other products after I have blow dried it. I really do recommend buying at least one conditioner or the shampoo. I don't think if your saving money you need all 3 I just wanted to test them out to see if my stubborn short hair will grow to the length it used to be.
I have kept an eye on the growth of my hair, since I bought this 3 weeks ago and my hair has grown an inch since and feels very healthy. my hair is very shiny and the condition of it is so much better. I would recommend the hair growth treatment because you need to use a small amount about an egg size scoop and leave it on your for 5 minutes, I would recommend leaving it on for at least 20 minutes or more makes it super shiny the next day if you wash your hair at night. using it before you go on a night out will make your hair look shiny and really healthy because it feels like you have just had it washed at a salon.

prices :

  • Hair shampoo: £6.99
  • Hair conditioner: £6.99
  • Hair treatment: £7.99
The elvive is a good is £5.20 and works wonders on your hair leave this in for at least 15 minutes and your hair will be super soft. works wonders on damaged hair as i dye my hair quite a lot. will keep you updated on the Lee Stafford products to see how fast my hair recovers and grows!



  1. I tried the lee stafford treatment and I did a review, It was a great conditioner but I don't think It had an effect on growth - I may just be too impatient though! xx

  2. the conditioner is the best one I agree :)
    I am so impatient too hehe :) hair defiantly feels healthier so worth it for that :) xoxo


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