June 24, 2012

Make up purchases

Firstly the Cath kidston lip balm makes lips feel amazing, best lip balm I have purchased this year.! bold statement I know, I use it when I am at work to finish of my simple make up look as I would get told of for wearing too much make up, boring I know right? but it leaves a lovely slight glow to your lips. feels amazing and the price is not to great at £5 pounds but worth it completely!

I usually swap and change my foundations as I get bored easily and want to try new ones out but this Rimmel London Wake Me Up I have been using ever since it came out and will continue to use it as it hides all my spots that come now and then and hides when  I feel really tired. over all it is amazing piece of make up. I apply it with a sponge as i think it covers all over and creates a smoother surface to apply the rest of you're make up.

£6.99 from boots

Lip stick: This lipstick I got from Avon i got it few months back so I cannot remember the colour correctly but its such a lovely bright red that is not too in your face creates the perfect night out look. I wear it quite a lot and it has lasted really well so far. yes I am one of those annoying people who leave lipstick on cups/ glasses when my boyfriend forgets my straw :p

hope enjoyed this review and it was helpful feel free to comment below.

photo of the lip stick taken on my iphone for instagram: abikempen


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