June 24, 2012

meet my pup Isabella

This is my beautiful border collie Isabella, she means the world to me so sorry to say she will be in my posts, she is such a funny dog and I adore her as she was one of my mom's dogs babies so I was there when she was born. I will be doing agility with her soon as I wouldn't mind being a dog trainer one day even though I study photography as my degree which I could still do on the side. I am still passionate about photography though I do enjoy doing shoots and walking around cities. on the second picture ignore my fat thighs and messy hair but I think it was a cute photograph of the two of us on my birthday as I went to the beach. It was her first time seeing the sea but she dived right into the water no fear! she is my boyfriends and my doggy she is now one and half years old gone so quick! remember trying to persuade his parents to let us get her. My mom has 3 border collies so they are defiantly my favorite bread of dog, so intelligent its why I want to work with them one day and train and re home them as well. <3

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