June 24, 2012

My 21'st Birthday

This was the night of my 21st night out, I wore a dress I bought from Boohoo. I and such an amazing week I went out in Preston with some of my friends from work and woke up very hungover which means it was a good night, I went to a BBQ my mom put on for me with my step dad and brother the next day feeling a tad rough! but it was a really lovely day so i sat outside with my puppy Isabella and soaked up the sunshine!
on the Tuesday it was my birthday and I decided to drive to the beach in Southport and took my puppy with me she had an amazing time. i got covered in black sand because i fell in a hole were someone had dug before it filled with water! we went out after this for t with my boyfriends family which was lovely :)
On the Wednesday I was going down to London for a few days with my boyfriend and while I was there i went to a South African restaurant called Spur which I went to when I lived in Africa for 15 years which brought back a lot of memories. I met up with my lovely friend Laura on the Thursday and we walked round London and had lovely meal at Nando's which is yummy :)
we played on arcades and won a lot of tickets which she got me a lovely ginger kitten teddy which I adore :)
I really enjoyed my time in London the hotel was so comfy and the view was amazing.


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