June 28, 2012

New purchases

Just a few things I have bought over the past few days, I loved the Topshop sale too much had to buy the skull bracelet as my friend Laura made me fall in love with it with hers. should have bought her one as she loves it too but thought her one was getting replaced boo! next time ey! :)
the little earnings made me smile cute little ladybirds would go well with any outfit and are so cute! these were in the sale too as £3.50 so bargain really £7.50 for both items so happy with them. wearing the lady yellow ladybirds now with my bracelet, not taken it off since I bought it.

I took a photograph of me before going out for t with my boyfriend wearing my new horse top, this one is from Primark. I really adore it as it has such cute horse pattern on it and the style is really pretty with cute little shiny buttons. It is very comfy to wear as after t I went on a bike ride with my Boyfriend and his sister. road tested :p
defiantly recommend this cute top goes well with black jeans and wedges, I wore my new black wedges that I will post up about soon. wanted them for my birthday but my size was sold out, perfect excuse when they did have them to buy them! 

Top image: got some new socks from Primark, as new socks just so comfy! and my new purse was from River Island I am so in love with it! :D
£18.00 for the purse.

xoxox Sprinkles

Me wearing the horse top :)



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