June 06, 2012


1. If you could change just one thing about your life what would it be?
I want to have a different job, something to do with animals would be amazing ! or even work for a magazine because of my degree in photography when i graduate next year eee :)

2. What is your favourite season?

I adore the warm weather! we dont get much in Engalnd :( I did love South Africa's weather perfect!

3.Who is your favourite author

JK Rowling ok to say?
hehe I do love reading so I have many!

4. Which is your favourite style of shoe

Depends on the occasion but I'd say heels - I have the most perfect heels I bought them last week :) makes you feel good in heels :)

5. What is your favourite precious metal?

my rings from my boyfriend and my necklace oo and I love Pandora my charms are beautiful :)

6. What was your best subject at school?

Art even though my tutor didn't believe in me.

7. Did you have any hobbies as a child?
loved swimming, swam for hours each day. loved playing tennis and loved riding my bike.

8. What is your favourite beauty treatment

Lee Stafford at the moment my hair feels amazingggggg!!
love anything form bodyshop, plus soup and glory is a must!

9. Are you a jeans or leggings person?

Leggins. Think I only own 2 or 3 pairs of jeans. 

10. What genre of films do you like?

I love films, i love a good horror though!!

11. Do you prefer long hair or short.
On me - long. I don't look right with short hair 

12. What would be your ideal job?

Something to to with journalism, training border collies!!


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