June 27, 2012

Whats In My Bag!

So I decided to do a post on what I have in my handbag most days, I really need to use my Canon  550D to take these images as I adore my camera but today I have used my Iphone as most of the time it is really handy which is always with me can not leave house with out it. I adore my Iphone case I bought in London from Accessorize because it has owls, birds, fox's and butterflies on it so cute!!
anyway back to what is in this image :)
start with my new glasses which I have posted about yesterday, these are a new must to be in my bag to wear when driving and at work which is not fun with the silly uniform I have to wear! then I have my new red Revlon lipstick  in case I need to top it up when I am out and about.
we then have my new River Island purse which is soooooo pretty even has bright pink interior :)))
I will defiantly need my car keys in my hand bag otherwise I will loose them every time I put them down! my hair brush for my travels is this cute Minnie mouse one I got it from H&M a while back but I just adore it so cute. I wore my skull bracelet to work and that is why I have it in my bag but its so pretty and I bought it in the sale on Monday :)
lastly my work keys I am forever loosing these and not being able to get into my work locker oops!
I do love my little border collie key ring though :) as you probably can tell I love key rings I have no idea why I just do! I have many more than these but I have to stop myself because people point it out :p I have much more in my bag but it is mostly junk I really need to sort it out :)



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