July 31, 2012

Asos £100 Challenge

This is my outfit I created for the Asos Challenge, I went for the quite laid back but cool effect with the jeans and quite baggy top. I adore the print on the black top brings out a edgy touch to the outfit along with the flatforms which are a perfect colour and style. These are in fashion at the moment and everyone would adore these in their wardrobe. I chose quite light jeans to go with the top so that it brings out the colours in the top and the shoes. The bracelet is beautiful anything with studs on is a must. This will bring the outfit to a whole. Perfect outfit to go to the cinema or out shopping with the girls?

Total: £95
With a spare 5 pounds to browse the sale ;)

Final Total: £99
hope enjoyed this post.
Feel free to comment below :)

If you would like to enter click this link :) 

xoxox kemples!

July 29, 2012

7 Things 7 Days

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture from pinterest, love using this website.

This weeks goals: 

  • Read Read Read !! Dissertation prep 
  • Keep doing my exercise routine 
  • Walks for Isabella everyday 
  • Read!
  • Plan Dissertation  ideas.
  • Go to the gym
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Try another class at the gym

So I haven't got round to reading just yet for my dissertation, i do realize this is bad :( but I just keep putting it off as I am so scared to start it :p
I promise I will get this goal done soon!
I really need to as I am determined to do well in my last year and to be proud at my graduation. 
I have been going to the gym every day this week, I did Pilates on Wednesday and did a hour and half workout on the gym floor everyday this week. I am proud I went everyday but I have been in so much pain with my back this weekend oops. so I will make it maximum of 4 days a week. 
I have taken my pup on a walk everyday, even to play on the filed with her Frisbee. I adore taking her out so this is a easy one :)

New goals for week ahead:

  • Try get to the library this week!!
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Gym 3/4 times
  • try a new class at the gym. step or aqua?
  • Have a pamper day, face masks etc to relax.
  • Clean up my boyfriends room, try get a new double bed :) 
  • I really want a hedgehog as a pet :p please Rob? :p convince boyfriend :p

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Do you have any goals for this week?



Week 3 In photographs

Kitkat treats watching Twilight/ Chloe wanted to be a wolf/ Bella wanting to know why I was putting my shoes on?/ fruit looops!! my childhood cereal/ bow/ free earrings/ bow in my hair/ fluff present from bf dad/ hedgehog/ me and Bella/ my Robbie/ wanting a painting like this of Bella :( / me

This week in photographs, hope you enjoyed this post. I love taking photos of the small things in life and to look back and smile!

Lots love

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July 28, 2012

Love Of The Day Video

Hey sweeties!
Just a little post about what I love today. I really would love a hedgehog as a pet. would be adorable. I found this on YouTube and thought I would share it with you guys because it is such a sweet video. it is called Tummy Rubs & Feet Tickling , makes my heart melt. such a tame hedgehog. :)

Found any video that make your heart melt?
Any favorite videos?

xoxoox kemples!

Link to the video 

Missguided Wants!

Bag:  £26.99
Cat face shoes: £23.99
Pink stud shoes: £22.99
Dress: £16.99

Minerva Turquoise Statement Necklace: £6.99

I really need some more flats to go with some of my outfits as I wear the ones I have to death! really love the stud details in at the moment and have been wanting a pair for so long. I think when I can afford some I might invest in a pair. love the pink colour as a change to what I usually get, which is normally black.
The cat face shoes are so cute, these I will defiantly need to get soon. I adore anything with an animal on it and the detail on these are adorable. Alexa Chung is a fan.
I love the body con style dress, it is simple but looks awesome with killer heels or some wedges.
The maroon colour is perfect, I love wearing maroon.
I need a new bag for university and this one would be cute. I really need one that will fit my laptop in, so the search continues really. I just adore the purple colour, which is my favorite colour :)
I really need some more statement jewelry in my collection, this one is perfect and would stand out so much. I adore the colour of it.

Does anyone own any of these?
Which one do you love?

Kemples xoxo


July 27, 2012

Quote Of The Week

Pinterest Quote
thought I would share a quote a week, to keep me motivated and my readers hopefully :)
I love little picture quotes and always pin a few to remember. 
I panic about everything, i worry all the time, it does get tiring to be honest so I need quotes like this to help me stop and think about my life. It does put things into shape and I start thinking why did I panic/ worry about that? Does anyone else feel this way?
I understand now that I need to do small things in life and concentrate on these to think how lucky oyu are. do what makes you happy! took me a while to realize this but I slowly have started to appreciate what I have and see clearly. things will be okay, I need to find ways to calm down and just stop and think. I want to be happy and be happy with myself.

Things I have started to do:

  • eat healthy
  • drink water
  • I go to the gym/ morning sessions are the best, makes you feel amazing.
  • gym classes, to get over my fear of doing things by myself. seems to work very well because I know I can do it, I just worry.
  • Keep my room clean.
  • hug my dog :)
  • bake with my boyfriend.
  • go on walks
  • I use Instagram to appreciate the little things in life. I enjoy looking back at the images.
  • Breath, take deep breaths.
  • Pilates to tone and relax. it is amazing.
  • take time out for me. baths, reading etc.
  • talk to Loulabeth <3
  •  Try not to dwell on the past no matter how hard it was.
  • think positively
  • enjoy what you do no matter what.
  • treat yourself now and then.
  • pamper day! face masks the lot!
Any tips?
Does anyone else feel panic/ worry that it makes you feel urgh?
comment below :) 

xoxo Kemples!

Hope you like the post :)

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July 26, 2012

Tom Hunter - Photography

''Punch Professors in England is an exhibition of the photographer and LCC tutor Tom Hunter’s works, featuring contemporary Punch practitioners, known since Victorian times as Professors, who for generations have brought the story of Punch and Judy to life with their wit and personality. Specially commissioned for Mr Punch’s birthday celebrations, the portraits show each Professor alongside their booth, expressing the highly individual approaches each of them have to their performance within essentially English settings.''  Taken from a website to explain about the images!!

I love to share the new photographers I find on my blog, hope you love them.
I study Photography at university and find it very interesting, I love finding new photographers to link into my work and inspire me. I blog about it to remind me when I need it for my work to reference. I am about to go into my third year and need all the research I can get. This blog helps me to do this. :) I do love his work because it has a strong meaning behind the images, he tells a story about the history. It is well thought through work. Reminds me a little of Martin Parrs work because of the style and colour of the photographs. 

what do you think of his work?
like or hate?

xoxoox Kemples

Missguided nail polish

Hi Sweeties!

Today I have been at the gym for a few hours so thought I would pamper myself while the boyfriend is at work. I go this Miss guided nail polish from Cosmopolitan magazine the other day and thought I would try it out while I have the week of work. I decided to use my Rimmel Disco Ball glitter, which I have blogged about further down my page :)
This glitter polish is the best one I have tried so far that you can add to the top of your colour. I think it brings out the colour and adds some sparkle to your nails. It will catch peoples eyes! :)
I also added some nail stickers from Ebay which were £1.20 for a mixture of about 6 sheets of 50 stickers. not too bad. I want to order some animal stickers next to try them out. I will blog about them when they arrive.
I actually really enjoy using these stickers at the moment brings out my nails and makes them a little different to just having the colour. I would wear this orange colour a lot I think for the rest of the summer. Might even brighten up the winter :p
I adore the bottle design it is simple but effective, it would catch my eye in a store.

The nail polish did go on very well, not to 'watery' didn't go everywhere which is a plus. I must say though it did take about 5 minutes to dry enough for me to be able to add my stickers. I am a very impatient person and this wasn't fun. I even got it on my jumper because I always do when nails are wet I tent to get it on everything. such a pain, but It would have been perfect if it didn't do this.
I adore the colour and I need to be more patient with it. 
Here is the link to the polishes LINK
come in a set of 3 and costs £10, they are called Summer Splash.
I think the colours are perfect to have fun with and show of the Summer sun!


  • love the colour
  • good quality
  • cute design
  • love the finish of it.
  • worth purchasing 

what do you think about this nail polish?
have you bought cosmo ?
Any one else find it takes ages to dry?

Kemples xoxo


July 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hey sweeties!

Just a little post to say thank you to Natalie Roseanne for entering my first blog giveaway. she has kindly posted about her giveaway on her blog. Here is the link to her blog;  LINK

Go take look at her blog, here is the LINK to my giveaway that she won. :)
my giveaway consisted of:

  • 2 Rimmel nail polishes.
  • 1 extra surprise , glitter nail varnish
  • Animal 3D Stickers
  • Extra Stickers,
  • lip gloss mini collection. also a 2 more surprises :)

Take a sneaky look :)

more giveaways when I reach 100 followers.
Thank you to all my followers so far :)
really enjoying posting on my blog and having this support helps me to keep going :)

Selling a Vans purse, good condition check it out


Wardrobe Envy

Whitney Port:

Whitney has really come into her own style since leaving The Hills and doing her series of The city. she has such a unique style that suits her really well. I love how she can look amazing in leggings and then go to perfect in a blazer. she suits so many styles of clothes, the 3rd image in she looks comfortable in shorts and a jumper which is good to see now and then with celebrities. I love all the floral she wears as this would take over my wardrobe if I could buy it all. I love how she uses one bright colour and tonnes it down with light colours such as the grey jumper. I adore that she is a judge on Britain and Ireland's next top model, I love that show. The photographs are always amazing in the shoots and it has made me realize to try this out in my course this year to see if fashion photography is me. it does seem so much fun with all the clothes, make up and styling. This weeks images were truly amazing, I loved how bright the clothes were and watching to see who has the strongest poses/faces.

Image from the website

Anyone else watch Next top model?
Did love this weeks show?
Do you love Whitney Ports style?

xoxoxoxo Kemples


July 24, 2012

Needle & Thread Bow

Hi sweeties, today I have received some lovely packages in the post and wanted to share this cute bow with you.
This bow is by Needle & Thread which I will give you the link to her Etsy page here: Link.

This bow has such a cute pattern, I adore the purple pattern fabric, it makes the cute bow stand out from any others. Each bow looks unique because of the fabric designs. you can get some really cool ones such as a marvel design. Link 
This one is such a good idea, specially with the super hero films out at the moment. people will ask where you got it from as it it super cute! specially if you love Thor!
Bows are made from a large piece of fabric and picture on bow may not look exactly like the one pictured above, may contain other characters such as the hulk and wolverine.
each one cost $7.00 AUD which is really decent.
A large alligator clip is securely attached to the back for easy use. It really is easy to put into your hair as I have taken some photographs with mine in for you. It really does add a perfect touch to your outfits. As I never know what to do with my hair as I am growing it, this bow is a perfect addition to have specially when you have your hair in a cute bun.

For the cat lovers here is the link to the cat fabric one which is in fashion these days ranging from bags to this bow LINK
This one I would purchase as it is so cute! anything with animals on I would buy.
defiantly a love for all the cat lovers out there! you will need one in your life!
Any Heloo Kitty fans here is a LINK to the bow.
She also designs her own phone cases which are really sweet. They have cute bits and bobs on them! have a look! LINK

I don't usually put things in my hair but this one is perfect, I am really fussy with what to wear in my hair because I have 0 idea what to do with it. This one I have never been so happy with a bow in my life. It is really comfortable to wear and is a perfect size to look stunning in your hair. It is really well made, very neat bow.
She makes very cute pieces go have a look at her store. hope enjoyed this post.
feel free to comment below.

She has so many designs to look at with her bows. Mine was delivered very quickly.

This is the LINK to my bow in the pictures. It is called Magenta Floral.
I adore mine and it will be in some of my outfit posts in future for sure.

Needles & Thread store. LINK

xoxoxoxo Kemples.

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July 23, 2012

Monday Wish List

Urban Outfitters:

These I really want! they are perfect, you can get them in two colours, grey and black but I love them in black. They would go perfect with my new jacket, posted below :)
I might treat myself to these in September but probably wont be there when I go to get them, usually the case. :)
I love the stud detail, for me this makes them perfect.
They are £55 from Urban Outfitters.

Has anyone purchased these?

xoxo Kemples!


Purchase Of The Day

H&M Jacket:
Primark top: £10

Today me and my boyfriend went to sort out some bits and bobs such as fix my phone bill, which is too high and eye appointments. we had 15 minutes to wait so we went into H&M which was across from Spec savers, I fell in love with this jacket as I have been looking for a 'leather' jacket for quite a while now. I couldn't afford it this week, so my boyfriend said he would buy it me as a present which is sweet. :)
I adore it and will be wearing it to the pub on Friday :) not sure what with yet, hopefully will be able to do a outfit post for you!
I wanted to buy this grey dress similar to Loulabeth  in her new post, but I need to save some cash so walked away from it. it would have been perfect :(
This jacket was £29.99 which isn't too bad considering its nearly Winter! boo! This jacket will be warn with a lot of my outfits, excited to wear it out.
It had gold details such as the zip and buttons. I usually go for silver zips but I do love this in gold!
It will go perfectly with my gold watch that I got for my 21st birthday. I promise when i wear this I will do a outfit post properly was so excited to Instagram/ blog about it. it is beautiful. 

does anyone else have this jacket?

xoxoxo kemples


July 22, 2012

7 Things For 7 days

I found that  Sprinkle of Glitter had posted something on her blog, it was a list of all the people that had got involved in her 7 things for 7 days project way back in June. Thank you for adding my blog to this list. This post really has changed me and made me more motivated again.  :) go have a look at her blog and the list of bloggers who do these posts :)

  • gym at least 3 times a week! 
  • Read more books to find out ideas for my photography projects/ dissertation next year- any ideas welcome?
  • eat better to achieve healthy lifestyle
  • go on a few trips out with my boyfriend and my pup Isabella <3
  • keep going with my blog, really enjoy it :)
  • do a car boot sale! need money :)
  • read read read ! 
  • try to not lie in to much the rest of my summer :p
Conclusion of this weeks tasks:  I have been to the gym quite a few times and I did Pilates again this week by myself which I was proud of as I hate going anywhere by myself. I really enjoyed the class. I haven't got round to reading but I have planned to go to my university library with my friend from uni on Tuesday. Eating better has been off and on as I get home late from work and have 0 idea what to have other than quick easy t's. :(
I haven't been able to plan trips with my boyfriend and Isabella because he works literally every day but we have planned to go to the lakes soon on the train together. I have decided to use Ebay to sell some things which I will do very soon. I have been getting up earlier and doing my exercise  which I have created to do 72 squats and push ups everyday. my body has been in pain getting used to this :p

New Goals:

  • Read Read Read !! Dissertation prep 
  • Keep doing my exercise routine 
  • Walks for Isabella everyday 
  • Read!
  • Plan Dissertation  ideas.
  • Go to the gym
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Try another class at the gym

Hope you enjoyed this post and my little cute dog picture of Pinterest :)

xoxo kemples!

Blog that started 7 things 7 days : Link


Week 2 In photographs

Sunday Nails/ family photo/ my fish being greedy/ Isabella cheeky/ Scooby Doo/ Rimmel post/ Walks in the sunshine/ Ducks/ Chloe the Dalmatian/ Bella on a walk/ Me off to Manchester/ My work out routine/ animal champion award for giving money every month to RSPCA. <3

This is my week hope you enjoyed this post :)
feel free to comment :)
or add me on Instagram

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xoxo kemples!

Today's Nails

Today's Nails:

As I have a week of work I always try to paint my nails as I am not allowed to wear any at work which is boring, used to wear a different colour every week in college. 
I have used my favorite colour this year and I have used so much of it, it is called Apricot punch. it is the best nail polish I have invested in this year. love the summery colour and pastels are in at the moment which is awesome. This one is by Rimmel, I tend to buy four brands in nail polish which are Rimmel, Models own, Elf and  I want to buy some of Essie nail varnishes.. As I know they will last long and have a perfect finish.
The glitter coat is also by Rimmel this one is called 500 Disco ball. This is one of the best glitter polishes I have bought because it adds the perfect amount of glitter to your nails and I adore anything that glitters! In the sunshine they sparkle which I adore, gives that extra special touch to the colour/ nail.
I do have a problem getting glitter off my nails when I go to take the polish off, it tends to  stick to my nails for quite a while. Any advice/tips on how to get glitter of nails?

I also used some nail stickers I got of Ebay to create a girly/ cute look to them and add something different to them. I love using these, they are a faff to get on without breaking them but when you do they look perfect. 
I think using these three products works well, specially with pastel colours.

What do you think?


Hope enjoyed this post 


Mua Cosmetics, Starry Night Palette

Mua Palette: £4

On Friday I went to Manchester to get my Iphone lock button fixed at Apple and decided to have another look at the Mua stand in Superdrug, It is so tempting to just buy everything to try out because of the amazing price of ranging between £1 for lipstick!! and £8 for the largest palette. It is just so much fun mooching round looking for the best products. I already have the Heaven And Earth palette. I must say that one is my favorite because of the smokey eye effect you can create. I have blogged about this one further down my blog :)
This palette today I used the white and light blue together with some liquid eyeliner and a lot of mascara. it turned out amazing! I never used to be a huge fan of eye shadows until I came across this brand.
Honestly it is worth the £4 pounds or even the £8 if you get the larger version. 
This one is called Starry Night Palette.

Anyone else tried this one ?

This brand I have so much love for and is one of my top favorite makes now! Honestly will be going to get some more of Mua it is perfect quality and one best make up brand I have used ever.


July 18, 2012

My Loves!

So I have just found these lovely Iphone cases on Ebay! and thought I would share my favorites with you! I change my Iphone case like nearly every month. I just have this obsession with it. so many cute Iphone cases just to choose one? does anyone else think this or is it just me ? :)
As from most of my posts I most likely mentions I love owls?
yes I love owls :D but this cute little case is adorable, I would actually get it in pink! no shame about that! Wishing this was mine right now! oops!

who has this one? :)

How cute is this one with the peeping cat, I want this one as well oops!
Its lucky I don't have money to spend on these! (yet) 
I quite like this in pink but might look good in black too unless your Iphone is black :) 
I do love to find things with animals on it to show you guys! I do this because I adore animals and it is my favorite thing ever to do so :) hope you love them. I do realize it is such random post but I love it :) 
hope you guys do too
feel free to comment about these, I might need to pick one when I get paid! which is your favorite?

Ok this one I already have but I love it so much! the ears is why I bought it. me and my friend Laura had similar ones at one point :)
I do recommend buying one of these, everyone loves them :)
The material is really good on them but after a while the tummy and ears start to scratch off :(
but saying this I did have it for about 3 months and never took it off till I bought another. :)
do you love this one?
any one else bought one?

hope love my post 
feel free to comment below :)
I think my favorite is the cute cat :)

I have linked all 3 for you to look at , all of Ebay and reasonable priced  :)

which is your favorite ?

xoxo Kemples

Jewelry Box !

My Jewelry Box:

Hi guys, thought I would show you my jewelry box, I have used a Burberry box for it for about 3 years now. It contains all my precious pieces that I don't want to loose. I should really decorate it, I might still do this one day :)
I have quite a lot of friendship bracelets which are sweet and I adore. 
Most of the jewelry is from Primark, such as a lot of the earrings which are cheap but cheerful. why not buy full set earrings for £2.50. I love leather bracelets they are so cute and most of mine are from Camden! Love shopping there you find such pretty things! Need to go back soon I love it.
I adore jewelry with owls on and I have quite a few owl necklaces, not all are in this box but I also have the owl bracelet from Etsy, adore the little simple jewelry pieces. 
The jewelry I haven't show I wear everyday, such as my necklace for Christmas, ring for my 20th, Ring for my 21st, gorgeous watch for my 21st and my Pandora charms which I adore. all this from my lovely boyfriend :)  I tend not to want to change my necklaces anymore as I don't want to loose my Christmas one from Rob . :)
The necklace with the dolphin on is from my dad, he gave it to me for one of my birthdays when I lived in South Africa few years back. I keep it for good memories, to replace the bad! 
The bracelet with the flower/leaf on it is my favorite piece ever it is from Camden market and it was 5 pounds. such a bargain. I love little things like that is the perfect piece for me. 
My jewelry collection is forever growing specially with earrings.
hope you enjoyed this post. love doing these posts to show you little bits.

Join in? Link my blog into the post and send me the link? :)
fun way to share.
Use this image below in your post :)

lots love Kemples


Wardrobe Envy

Blake Lively:

I want to do a post about peoples style I would love as my wardrobe, I want to start of with Blake Lively from Gossip girl. every time I watch it I love her clothes and style. she has perfect hair as well. She dresses to her body shape which is perfect. lucky girl. I love the girly dresses she wears in Gossip girl but also the blazers and heels are perfect. Her style is very classy and cute. I love how she has one bright piece of clothing and tonnes it down with nutral colored tops,blazers or  handbags.The handbags are to die for, perfect styles and I would love to won all of them!  She is my favorite character in Gossip girl. who is your favorite? :)

Do you love her style?
Actually want to watch Gossip girl now :) 
Do you love gossip Girl?



July 16, 2012

What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today:

Hello Sweeties! Hope all having a lovely Monday, I'm lucky to be off university for Summer (well needs to stop raining) and work till tomorrow. I've been off for a week and it has been so nice, off again in a weeks time wooo!
exciting stuff!

This is my second What I wore post and as I am new to this I hope it is good for you guys :)
I got my boyfriend to snap a few photographs of my new Primark skirt, I just adore it and guess what! it was £3!! such a bargain.
I wore it with my New Look jacket, forever 21 shoes, tights, black strap top and my owl necklace form my mom, got this for my 21st. I love owls anything with an owl on it is A ok! with me! :)
As I wore the coat in my previous post I wont say to much about it other than it is awesome! goes with near enough every outfit I own :)
This outfit I could wear my New Look heels with them too for a meal out or to go on a night out.
This is the first time I have experimented with animal print really and I love it, my boyfriend is not too sure but in the end said he loved it. yay
My shoes are a little to big for me as I wear size 4 shoe in pumps which is a shame but I just love the texture, lace feel to it. I got them a while ago now so not 100% on the price but i am pretty sure they were under £20. I love how girly they are and add a cute touch to the outfit. 
The necklace I got for my 21st how cute is it, I do think it was a cute Ebay find!  . jewelry is my favorite, I love rings mostly and adore shopping for new earrings. 
I wore my shade one lipstick by MUA again just love it.
Took these using my Iphone 4 so bit over exposed oops! :p hope don't mind I will keep improving these posts promise. I love being behind the camera not in front sometimes. :) My nail polish was disco mix by Models Own, it is amazing!! just will re apply it when I am off work in a week :) 
sorry about my messy hair i am trying to grow after my silly decisions to cut it short in December. I need to find cute ways to style it in my posts in future :p Feel free to comment your ideas. 

Hope you loved my post 
leave some feedback comments if you want :)
lots love Kemples!


July 15, 2012

week one

Instagram : abikempen

Thought I would do one of these to show my readers my week. This is a cute summery of how to show it and really cute. 

picnic/ boyfriend/ outfit post/ millies cookies Manchester/ starbucks with laura/ gym/ cinema/ puppy cuddles/ 
models own/ costa & katy perry film/ mua purchases/ pup Isabella/ sweets/ more magazine.

I have had a fun week to be honest :) 

I really enjoy taking photographs and I study photography at university. This weekend has been lovely as I have had the week of work. Would love another week of please? :p

Feel free to follow me on Instagram :) would be lovely of you :)

Follow me on Twitter: @abikempen

xoxoxo kemles

Picnic Time

Today Rob, Isabella and me went on a picnic, it was a but windy but we found a lovely little area were there was shelter from the wind and sat down with Bella to eat some chocolate and wotsits. not really a good picnic with the food choice but it was good for relaxing and having some fresh air. Bella had fun playing with her stick and I got some outfit post done for you guys :) such a lovely park and it was good to get out for a bit. love going on walks with Isabella she is such a good pup.
hope you guys love this post :)

xoxoxo Kemples 

here is a little video of my Bella :) took on my Iphone. 

Instagram: abikempen


What I wore Today :)

 What I Wore Today:

Jacket: New Look
Top: Primark
Shoes: Toms

Hi Sweeties.
This is my first attempt at showing you what I wore and I hope you like it. 
I will start of with my jacket, I adore this jacket, it is light and goes with most of my wardrobe which is a bonus in the Summer. It is perfect when you need a light coat that you can slip onto your handbag if its not needed and can easily walk round without it bothering you. I did get the idea from Loulabeth, she was wearing one when we went to the pub and thought that jacket is perfect and cute. Hers is from H&m though :)
The colour is perfect and it has a lot of pockets to store your phone etc.

The top was £10 from Primark in Manchester, I adore butterflies and the colour is perfect, such a girly top but I love the style. I bought a white/ creamy jumper and with this top underneath it will look so cute with the collar out.
Super comfy and light for summer, I do wear a vest underneath though because it is quite see through. 
my toms are the most comfiest pair of shoes I own, it is like walking round in your slippers all day. just don't wear them when it rains oops.
I need some more Toms but need to save some money !

I always buy my jeans from Topshop because they fit so well. really lovely blue colour and I wear them with everything. such a lovely dark blue. the material is really comfy compared to denim, light material. love skinny jeans I own so many. would love more colours though but as said no more shopping till my loan comes through. oops.

Make up: MUA lipstick- £1
shade 1

Hope enjoyed my post :)
feel free to comment lovely

xoxo kemples


July 14, 2012

Isabell & Me

Thought I would do a post so my followers can get to know me a bit more :)
to start of with I turned 21 in May and had an amazing week really of celebrations, I have posted some photographs further down my blog when I started :) go have a sneaky look!
This little beauty in the photograph is my puppy Isabella, she belongs to me and my boyfriend. honestly I don't know what I would do every day without her cuddles, she is my little shadow follows me round everywhere. she loves to learn new tricks, we want to do agility classes soon too. she loves going for a good run on the park with her friend Chloe the dalmatian!  We got her a year and a half ago she was a Christmas puppy to my mom's dog Jessica. My mom has 3 of her own too which is border collie crazy when me and Bella visit her mommy and daddy. :)
she loves her teddies she has plenty toys. such a funny cheeky pup! I adore her :)
If you follow my Instagram (abikempen) you will see I love to post about mine and Isabella's antics :p

I study Photography at university and will be going into my third year in September, I am quite nervous as I really want to achieve amazing grades so I am proud when I graduate. I love to photograph cities and animals!
wish me luck for my dissertation eeek!

My blog I love to post about my purchases, animals, what I love, Quotes to motivate me and my followers, pinterest finds, clothes, make up, glossy box, days out and plenty of other subjects :) I really enjoy this so thank you to my followers and the lovely comments. Love to read your blogs, send me your links. love to read comments :) love to do reviews contact me on my email at bottom this post :) I also love to give back to my followers by doing giveaways so keep eye out for upcoming prizes!

Favorite? :
  1. Food- Chinese takeaway, pasta, pizza.!
  2. Film: Grease
  3. make up brand: so many! Revlon, Mac, Mua, Elf, Rimmel...
  4. Colour: Lilac
  5. Shop: Miss Selfridges 
  6. Dream Job: To blog for a living :) photograph for a magazine. dog trainer.
  7. camera: my 550D Canon
  8. Song: Anything by Katy Perry :)

I love going to the cinema watching films and spending time with my pup, going on long walks and having a picnic. I love everything to do with make up, animals, anything with an owl on, owls!! , hair, photography, glitter, jewelry! love jewelry!, shoes, bags, chocolate, memories, my boyfriend, friends, blogging, my camera, traveling, trains, London, dreaming, ambitions, cupcakes, anything with a cupcake design on,baking, ice cream, the gym, my car,   just things that make me smile and what makes me loved ones smile. :)
hope this little piece has helped you to get to know me more.
any questions feel free to ask below! :)

Email: kempie15@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: abikempen
Twitter: @abikempen

This is me :) 
xoxooxox Abby

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