July 22, 2012

7 Things For 7 days

I found that  Sprinkle of Glitter had posted something on her blog, it was a list of all the people that had got involved in her 7 things for 7 days project way back in June. Thank you for adding my blog to this list. This post really has changed me and made me more motivated again.  :) go have a look at her blog and the list of bloggers who do these posts :)

  • gym at least 3 times a week! 
  • Read more books to find out ideas for my photography projects/ dissertation next year- any ideas welcome?
  • eat better to achieve healthy lifestyle
  • go on a few trips out with my boyfriend and my pup Isabella <3
  • keep going with my blog, really enjoy it :)
  • do a car boot sale! need money :)
  • read read read ! 
  • try to not lie in to much the rest of my summer :p
Conclusion of this weeks tasks:  I have been to the gym quite a few times and I did Pilates again this week by myself which I was proud of as I hate going anywhere by myself. I really enjoyed the class. I haven't got round to reading but I have planned to go to my university library with my friend from uni on Tuesday. Eating better has been off and on as I get home late from work and have 0 idea what to have other than quick easy t's. :(
I haven't been able to plan trips with my boyfriend and Isabella because he works literally every day but we have planned to go to the lakes soon on the train together. I have decided to use Ebay to sell some things which I will do very soon. I have been getting up earlier and doing my exercise  which I have created to do 72 squats and push ups everyday. my body has been in pain getting used to this :p

New Goals:

  • Read Read Read !! Dissertation prep 
  • Keep doing my exercise routine 
  • Walks for Isabella everyday 
  • Read!
  • Plan Dissertation  ideas.
  • Go to the gym
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Try another class at the gym

Hope you enjoyed this post and my little cute dog picture of Pinterest :)

xoxo kemples!

Blog that started 7 things 7 days : Link



  1. Good luck with the dissertation prep-I'm so glad I've finished uni :)

    Tanesha x

  2. I really need to get into exercise more but just can't afford the gym! Good luck with your dissertation prep xx


    1. i go because it is student rate eek otherwise so expensive :(
      get a work out dvd i have one they can be really good :)
      or use youtube?
      thank you :)) xoxoxo


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