July 06, 2012


Hi guys thought I would share with you about this cute little rabbit in Pets At Home I really want, when I went in today to get my border collie a new collar as a treat I had to look at the rabbits and when i said 'hello sweetie' he/she jumped up on her back paws and looked up towards me just made my heart melt! I would love a little rabbit so much, I adore animals as might have gathered by my blog :) but it would be so lovely as I never have had to own my own before they are so cute.
I have added a few little pictures of bunnies to make you hearts melt as much as mine is. Need to beg my boyfriend to get me one :p
at the moment he says no boo!

i want a black rabbit :) some names as I love to dream I'd get one :) one day :p

  • Names: 
  • Oreo
  • Daisy
  • Lola
  • Molly
  • coco
  • coco pops
  • clover
  • willow
  • pudding
  • binky
  • zoe
  • phoebe
  • penny
  • sooty
  • minnie
  • Tobey
  • Jazz
Ok I'll stop or I will get so attached to the idea :( hahha trust me :)

hope all having a lovely day!



  1. If you love cute bunnys, you'll love this!


    They are my rabbits, Bunny and Nike. Cutest, funniest house rabbits ever :)

    1. AWWWW loved your rabbits and hamster so cute sweetie :)
      lovvvve animals so much, :) makes me want a bunny moreeeee :(

      thank you for sharing :))


  2. I love this post! As soon as I saw the photo of the black rabbit I had to read on because it looks almost exactly like my beautiful rabbit binky! Xx



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