July 06, 2012

Emma Stone

Emma Stone:

I went to watch The Amazing Spider-man last night and thought it was really good film, I love super hero films and this one lived up to my expectations. it is worth a watch no doubt. Emma Stone stood out in the film, she is beautiful and one of my favorite actresses. Defiantly go watch this film! I would rate it 8/10 so worth watching. it is a very long film but worth the numb bum.! her blonde hair suits her so much, even though red is her signature look. stunning. she is one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses out. her films are enjoyable and always worth a watch as you know it will be awesome. she is defiantly a fashion icon.  

In Calvin Klein @ the 2011 Golden Globes

she suits pastel colours with her hair blonde, looks amazing! love how the colour and style is so simple but stands out perfectly as a leading lady.

out and about she wears simple jean and blazers to add some glamour which is perfect style, she wears simple, bold patterns and perfect dresses at premiers whats not to love? 

what do you think of her films?
let me know :)



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