July 14, 2012

Isabell & Me

Thought I would do a post so my followers can get to know me a bit more :)
to start of with I turned 21 in May and had an amazing week really of celebrations, I have posted some photographs further down my blog when I started :) go have a sneaky look!
This little beauty in the photograph is my puppy Isabella, she belongs to me and my boyfriend. honestly I don't know what I would do every day without her cuddles, she is my little shadow follows me round everywhere. she loves to learn new tricks, we want to do agility classes soon too. she loves going for a good run on the park with her friend Chloe the dalmatian!  We got her a year and a half ago she was a Christmas puppy to my mom's dog Jessica. My mom has 3 of her own too which is border collie crazy when me and Bella visit her mommy and daddy. :)
she loves her teddies she has plenty toys. such a funny cheeky pup! I adore her :)
If you follow my Instagram (abikempen) you will see I love to post about mine and Isabella's antics :p

I study Photography at university and will be going into my third year in September, I am quite nervous as I really want to achieve amazing grades so I am proud when I graduate. I love to photograph cities and animals!
wish me luck for my dissertation eeek!

My blog I love to post about my purchases, animals, what I love, Quotes to motivate me and my followers, pinterest finds, clothes, make up, glossy box, days out and plenty of other subjects :) I really enjoy this so thank you to my followers and the lovely comments. Love to read your blogs, send me your links. love to read comments :) love to do reviews contact me on my email at bottom this post :) I also love to give back to my followers by doing giveaways so keep eye out for upcoming prizes!

Favorite? :
  1. Food- Chinese takeaway, pasta, pizza.!
  2. Film: Grease
  3. make up brand: so many! Revlon, Mac, Mua, Elf, Rimmel...
  4. Colour: Lilac
  5. Shop: Miss Selfridges 
  6. Dream Job: To blog for a living :) photograph for a magazine. dog trainer.
  7. camera: my 550D Canon
  8. Song: Anything by Katy Perry :)

I love going to the cinema watching films and spending time with my pup, going on long walks and having a picnic. I love everything to do with make up, animals, anything with an owl on, owls!! , hair, photography, glitter, jewelry! love jewelry!, shoes, bags, chocolate, memories, my boyfriend, friends, blogging, my camera, traveling, trains, London, dreaming, ambitions, cupcakes, anything with a cupcake design on,baking, ice cream, the gym, my car,   just things that make me smile and what makes me loved ones smile. :)
hope this little piece has helped you to get to know me more.
any questions feel free to ask below! :)

Email: kempie15@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: abikempen
Twitter: @abikempen

This is me :) 
xoxooxox Abby



  1. This is a lovely post. It's nice to get to know who writes the blogs. Your dog is gorgeous, as are you :). I hope your final year goes well for you :) xx

    1. such a lovely comment thank you :)


  2. I wish I'd known earlier on I want to be a photographer and I could've done it at uni, good for you!

    1. go for it do a little course on it? im sure theres something you can do to achieve this :) goodluck :) xxx


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