July 18, 2012

Jewelry Box !

My Jewelry Box:

Hi guys, thought I would show you my jewelry box, I have used a Burberry box for it for about 3 years now. It contains all my precious pieces that I don't want to loose. I should really decorate it, I might still do this one day :)
I have quite a lot of friendship bracelets which are sweet and I adore. 
Most of the jewelry is from Primark, such as a lot of the earrings which are cheap but cheerful. why not buy full set earrings for £2.50. I love leather bracelets they are so cute and most of mine are from Camden! Love shopping there you find such pretty things! Need to go back soon I love it.
I adore jewelry with owls on and I have quite a few owl necklaces, not all are in this box but I also have the owl bracelet from Etsy, adore the little simple jewelry pieces. 
The jewelry I haven't show I wear everyday, such as my necklace for Christmas, ring for my 20th, Ring for my 21st, gorgeous watch for my 21st and my Pandora charms which I adore. all this from my lovely boyfriend :)  I tend not to want to change my necklaces anymore as I don't want to loose my Christmas one from Rob . :)
The necklace with the dolphin on is from my dad, he gave it to me for one of my birthdays when I lived in South Africa few years back. I keep it for good memories, to replace the bad! 
The bracelet with the flower/leaf on it is my favorite piece ever it is from Camden market and it was 5 pounds. such a bargain. I love little things like that is the perfect piece for me. 
My jewelry collection is forever growing specially with earrings.
hope you enjoyed this post. love doing these posts to show you little bits.

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lots love Kemples



  1. Hi, Great blog! Love your tips, i found you on the BBU Hop

    follow me back productjunkiesjunk.blogspot.co.uk


  2. You have many lovely jewelleies ^^

  3. Some great jewellery, love the owl necklace :)

    Tanesha x


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