July 03, 2012

Katy Perry , Part Of Me + Love Of The Day

Katy Perry:

I adore Katy Perry she is such an amazing women, her dress sense her humor and beauty shines through. I went to her California Dreams tour in Manchester and had an amazing time, everything was purrrfect! and the room smelt of candy. my boyfriend took me to go see her live and I was very excited! We ate candy and ate ice cream it was fun! I want to go see her tour again one day! 
love everything about her, love all the cute candy and girly tours she does. every girls dream!
I am making my boyfriend take me to go watch her film on Friday :p
he wont mind its Katy :)
She is a true role model and I adore all the things she wears always looks stunning. When I watch her videos on youtube etc she inspires me and makes me thing get off your butt and go for your dreams! as sometimes you can think what is the point, she is truly amazing women and has worked very hard.
I could post a lot pictures of her on here but I will use this pretty photograph and this interview from her film for now :) I am very EXCITED to go watch it. wish I was in London tonight to have gotten a glimpse of the premier, I would have waited for hours :p 

Hope loved this post :) Will most likely post again when I have seen the film and add a film review!

Lots love xoxo



  1. Eek! I love Katy Perry too!! I was lucky enough to go to the premier and did a blog post on it. She is amazing, so jealous you got to see her tour!

    What did you think of the movie?



    1. tour was amazinggg
      loved the film i saw it twice :p



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