July 26, 2012

Missguided nail polish

Hi Sweeties!

Today I have been at the gym for a few hours so thought I would pamper myself while the boyfriend is at work. I go this Miss guided nail polish from Cosmopolitan magazine the other day and thought I would try it out while I have the week of work. I decided to use my Rimmel Disco Ball glitter, which I have blogged about further down my page :)
This glitter polish is the best one I have tried so far that you can add to the top of your colour. I think it brings out the colour and adds some sparkle to your nails. It will catch peoples eyes! :)
I also added some nail stickers from Ebay which were £1.20 for a mixture of about 6 sheets of 50 stickers. not too bad. I want to order some animal stickers next to try them out. I will blog about them when they arrive.
I actually really enjoy using these stickers at the moment brings out my nails and makes them a little different to just having the colour. I would wear this orange colour a lot I think for the rest of the summer. Might even brighten up the winter :p
I adore the bottle design it is simple but effective, it would catch my eye in a store.

The nail polish did go on very well, not to 'watery' didn't go everywhere which is a plus. I must say though it did take about 5 minutes to dry enough for me to be able to add my stickers. I am a very impatient person and this wasn't fun. I even got it on my jumper because I always do when nails are wet I tent to get it on everything. such a pain, but It would have been perfect if it didn't do this.
I adore the colour and I need to be more patient with it. 
Here is the link to the polishes LINK
come in a set of 3 and costs £10, they are called Summer Splash.
I think the colours are perfect to have fun with and show of the Summer sun!


  • love the colour
  • good quality
  • cute design
  • love the finish of it.
  • worth purchasing 

what do you think about this nail polish?
have you bought cosmo ?
Any one else find it takes ages to dry?

Kemples xoxo



  1. I quite like the colour :) it looks so cute with your stickers xx

  2. I have this nail polish on my nails now! I love all the freebies in magazines at the moment :) Cute stickers too!

  3. love this! it turned out great!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  4. The colour is nice. It seems sort of different in a way, which is what makes it such a lovely shade :)
    - Rhiannon


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