July 09, 2012

Monday 9 July

Today's Purchases:

my boyfriend bought me this dress today, I adore the colour it stands out and is such a summery colour. thought it would be lovely to wear casually and out and about for parties etc. I love how chunky the belt is, normally if buy a dress with a belt it is small and horrible plastic but his ones buckle it firm and well made. the belt makes the dress because adds a pop of a different texture, colour to it. I want to wear this for the pub on Friday for some drinks for my brothers 18th. :)
it is from H&M £25.

 I have bought some stationery for university and have planned to make myself do a lot of work in my third year. I bought the panda note pad because it was cute but will use it as a homework diary. I adore pandas so it is perfect! should be for £6!!
I got some pens, highlighters and a note pad to write all lecture notes into and a folder for my briefs. all I need now is a bag to put it all into :)

I went to pets at home with boyfriends sister today and fell in love with all the bunnies!!
really want one seriously !
not allowed one yet. booo!

Tomorrow I am off to Manchester with the lovely Laura cannot wait :)



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