July 04, 2012


As I am just about to watch Miley Cyrus film, The last Song,  with my boyfriend ( he really doesn't want to watch a girly film but owell ) :) I thought I would do a motivation post for myself as I really need to do my gym classes and go to the gym when ever I possibly can so that I am slimmer and toned for my third year at university which is my goal. I think it will be possible as I don't have tooo much chub! I really envy her body though its perfect and what I really want to aim for. I want to feel happy about myself which I do need a lot of motivation to do because some days you just feel groggy and think what is the point. well from tomorrow I will stop being lazy and go for it, as this is what I really want to achieve. As I am 21 now I want to feel happy about my body otherwise I will think why did I not do this in my younger days! so this image makes me feel guilty and want to go to the gym a lot more. she looks perfect and I envy her wardrobe too. always looking so pretty and I love the fact she is engaged to Liam Hemsworth. really cute :)

goodnight sweeties :)



  1. she has an amazing figure, definite inspiration

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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