July 12, 2012

Mua Lipsticks

(shades from top to bottom, shade 6, shade 1 )
On Tuesday I went to Manchester with my friend Laura, I wanted to try on the disco pants that she has in black and it didn't go as planned as I didn't buy them as took me ages to try them on because they are so tight at first! but i do like them, just not for 70 pounds right now! 
we bought quite a lot at Primark and wondered round for age looking at the make up and nail varnishes. was such a lovely day. the first lipstick which is shade one, I adore love how red/ purple it is has tint of purple which i think makes the shade different. this one even though its quit dark I would love to wear everyday! just love it so much! would go with a lot of the clothes I bought oops!
I bought the two different shade so I had two different ones to choose from when going out and when shopping etc, but love them both so much, I wasn't to keen on the pink at first but for a quid you can't complain. It has grown on me as it is such a cute pink. I love pink lipsticks they are my favorite colour to wear most days. I also think that the little pots at the bottom of the lipsticks are such a cute idea as when you run out you still have a little bit more. the red one was easy to get off but the pink was being stubborn so couldn't photograph with it off.  I really recommend buying these products, all together it cost me 8 pounds for the lot. worth it even just to try them out. :) I bought the blusher and it is a cute medium pink colour which makes my cheeks very pink but it was worth the try, I add a bit of clarifying powder to tone it down a bit so it works well.

any one used these lipsticks? here the link to the products on here.




  1. i've been seeing MUA lipsticks everywhere lately! i have never tried one, but i've heard they're like, the perfect lipstick. maybe one of these days i'll get around to buying one :)


    1. really worth having in your make up bag because such good quality and only one pound :) bargain xx

  2. I love MUA lipsticks, I own three of the £1 range and then 3 of the Lip Boom's, plus various other bits of theirs. I really don't think you can go wrong for £1.

    Following you now from the BBU blog hop :) x

    1. i agrree cannot complain if its a pound :) lovely products too :) thank u sweetie xxx


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