July 18, 2012

My Loves!

So I have just found these lovely Iphone cases on Ebay! and thought I would share my favorites with you! I change my Iphone case like nearly every month. I just have this obsession with it. so many cute Iphone cases just to choose one? does anyone else think this or is it just me ? :)
As from most of my posts I most likely mentions I love owls?
yes I love owls :D but this cute little case is adorable, I would actually get it in pink! no shame about that! Wishing this was mine right now! oops!

who has this one? :)

How cute is this one with the peeping cat, I want this one as well oops!
Its lucky I don't have money to spend on these! (yet) 
I quite like this in pink but might look good in black too unless your Iphone is black :) 
I do love to find things with animals on it to show you guys! I do this because I adore animals and it is my favorite thing ever to do so :) hope you love them. I do realize it is such random post but I love it :) 
hope you guys do too
feel free to comment about these, I might need to pick one when I get paid! which is your favorite?

Ok this one I already have but I love it so much! the ears is why I bought it. me and my friend Laura had similar ones at one point :)
I do recommend buying one of these, everyone loves them :)
The material is really good on them but after a while the tummy and ears start to scratch off :(
but saying this I did have it for about 3 months and never took it off till I bought another. :)
do you love this one?
any one else bought one?

hope love my post 
feel free to comment below :)
I think my favorite is the cute cat :)

I have linked all 3 for you to look at , all of Ebay and reasonable priced  :)

which is your favorite ?

xoxo Kemples


  1. Ahh I can't wait to get an iphone for all of the cute cases! I love the last one :)

    Btw have you seen this one before.. stitch! so cuute :) http://everours.bigcartel.com/product/lilo-and-stitch-iphone-case

    1. I have it is so cute!!
      Ino thats why I love my Iphone cute cases :D


  2. I'm glad it's not just me that changes their iphone case all the time! I have absolutely loads of them and am constantly buying more. The owl one is so cute!



  3. They are so cute! I think the owl one is my favourite. I change my ipod touch case a lot as well :)

  4. i spend at least an hour looking for a new case as theres just so much choice, love the owl case its fab.



  5. heya your blog is amazing...found you on bloggers unite and followed...would love if you could support and follow mt blog back :)



  6. Those cases are so cute! I'm a sucker for phone cases. I could spend so much money on them, but I stop myself before that happens haha.
    - Rhiannon

  7. They're all so adorable! I want to order the kitty case for my nexus :D it's so damn cute hehe xxx


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