July 24, 2012

Needle & Thread Bow

Hi sweeties, today I have received some lovely packages in the post and wanted to share this cute bow with you.
This bow is by Needle & Thread which I will give you the link to her Etsy page here: Link.

This bow has such a cute pattern, I adore the purple pattern fabric, it makes the cute bow stand out from any others. Each bow looks unique because of the fabric designs. you can get some really cool ones such as a marvel design. Link 
This one is such a good idea, specially with the super hero films out at the moment. people will ask where you got it from as it it super cute! specially if you love Thor!
Bows are made from a large piece of fabric and picture on bow may not look exactly like the one pictured above, may contain other characters such as the hulk and wolverine.
each one cost $7.00 AUD which is really decent.
A large alligator clip is securely attached to the back for easy use. It really is easy to put into your hair as I have taken some photographs with mine in for you. It really does add a perfect touch to your outfits. As I never know what to do with my hair as I am growing it, this bow is a perfect addition to have specially when you have your hair in a cute bun.

For the cat lovers here is the link to the cat fabric one which is in fashion these days ranging from bags to this bow LINK
This one I would purchase as it is so cute! anything with animals on I would buy.
defiantly a love for all the cat lovers out there! you will need one in your life!
Any Heloo Kitty fans here is a LINK to the bow.
She also designs her own phone cases which are really sweet. They have cute bits and bobs on them! have a look! LINK

I don't usually put things in my hair but this one is perfect, I am really fussy with what to wear in my hair because I have 0 idea what to do with it. This one I have never been so happy with a bow in my life. It is really comfortable to wear and is a perfect size to look stunning in your hair. It is really well made, very neat bow.
She makes very cute pieces go have a look at her store. hope enjoyed this post.
feel free to comment below.

She has so many designs to look at with her bows. Mine was delivered very quickly.

This is the LINK to my bow in the pictures. It is called Magenta Floral.
I adore mine and it will be in some of my outfit posts in future for sure.

Needles & Thread store. LINK

xoxoxoxo Kemples.

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