July 23, 2012

Purchase Of The Day

H&M Jacket:
Primark top: £10

Today me and my boyfriend went to sort out some bits and bobs such as fix my phone bill, which is too high and eye appointments. we had 15 minutes to wait so we went into H&M which was across from Spec savers, I fell in love with this jacket as I have been looking for a 'leather' jacket for quite a while now. I couldn't afford it this week, so my boyfriend said he would buy it me as a present which is sweet. :)
I adore it and will be wearing it to the pub on Friday :) not sure what with yet, hopefully will be able to do a outfit post for you!
I wanted to buy this grey dress similar to Loulabeth  in her new post, but I need to save some cash so walked away from it. it would have been perfect :(
This jacket was £29.99 which isn't too bad considering its nearly Winter! boo! This jacket will be warn with a lot of my outfits, excited to wear it out.
It had gold details such as the zip and buttons. I usually go for silver zips but I do love this in gold!
It will go perfectly with my gold watch that I got for my 21st birthday. I promise when i wear this I will do a outfit post properly was so excited to Instagram/ blog about it. it is beautiful. 

does anyone else have this jacket?

xoxoxo kemples



  1. This Jacket is so lovely, you could wear it with any outfit really... that was so nice of your boyfriend to buy you it.

  2. I really love your jacket, I've been looking for a leather jacket... I'll have to see if I can find this at my local store! That tops gorgeous too, I think I've seen it in Primark? I really wish I wasn't on a spending ban at the moment :( haha

    Just found your blog through the BBU Blog hop, now following! Hope you can check out my blog too?

    Laura xx

  3. Love it! <3 and that shirt u have on is cute too x


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