July 27, 2012

Quote Of The Week

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thought I would share a quote a week, to keep me motivated and my readers hopefully :)
I love little picture quotes and always pin a few to remember. 
I panic about everything, i worry all the time, it does get tiring to be honest so I need quotes like this to help me stop and think about my life. It does put things into shape and I start thinking why did I panic/ worry about that? Does anyone else feel this way?
I understand now that I need to do small things in life and concentrate on these to think how lucky oyu are. do what makes you happy! took me a while to realize this but I slowly have started to appreciate what I have and see clearly. things will be okay, I need to find ways to calm down and just stop and think. I want to be happy and be happy with myself.

Things I have started to do:

  • eat healthy
  • drink water
  • I go to the gym/ morning sessions are the best, makes you feel amazing.
  • gym classes, to get over my fear of doing things by myself. seems to work very well because I know I can do it, I just worry.
  • Keep my room clean.
  • hug my dog :)
  • bake with my boyfriend.
  • go on walks
  • I use Instagram to appreciate the little things in life. I enjoy looking back at the images.
  • Breath, take deep breaths.
  • Pilates to tone and relax. it is amazing.
  • take time out for me. baths, reading etc.
  • talk to Loulabeth <3
  •  Try not to dwell on the past no matter how hard it was.
  • think positively
  • enjoy what you do no matter what.
  • treat yourself now and then.
  • pamper day! face masks the lot!
Any tips?
Does anyone else feel panic/ worry that it makes you feel urgh?
comment below :) 

xoxo Kemples!

Hope you like the post :)

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