July 08, 2012

Todays events

8th July:

Today has been a eventful day, I went to my mom's to see my brother who is turning 18 tomorrow and we had t together and he loved all his presents from Topman I gave him which is awesome. I think his card was the best got good laughs from it, it was a dancing hamster that sung 'Im so excited i just cant hide it'! loved it !
I bought him a chocolate cake and decorated it with little cute ladybug, pigs, panda icing decorations. I even had 17 candles and a sparkler in to it, which lighting it nearly burnt the house down! so old bro!

I really enjoyed Katy Perry Part of Me film made me smile and love her even more which I didn't think was possible. :) the film actually made me cry and I have never cried at a film in the cinema before this one. she is a true inspiration and amazing women. she is a true role model to every age of person. she shows if you put the hard work in you can achieve amazing things. hated seeing her cry, wasn't very nice but shows not everything is perfect. she was brave showing this to so many people as it was very hard time. I wont comment any more on that as not my place to do so. the film was very good really enjoyed seeing it, I went to the tour so was so good to see it again close up :)

I will add some photographs from today of the cinema, what I wore and brothers birthday.

lots love xooxoxox

Me and my brother :) Happy 18th Birthday!


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