July 22, 2012

Today's Nails

Today's Nails:

As I have a week of work I always try to paint my nails as I am not allowed to wear any at work which is boring, used to wear a different colour every week in college. 
I have used my favorite colour this year and I have used so much of it, it is called Apricot punch. it is the best nail polish I have invested in this year. love the summery colour and pastels are in at the moment which is awesome. This one is by Rimmel, I tend to buy four brands in nail polish which are Rimmel, Models own, Elf and  I want to buy some of Essie nail varnishes.. As I know they will last long and have a perfect finish.
The glitter coat is also by Rimmel this one is called 500 Disco ball. This is one of the best glitter polishes I have bought because it adds the perfect amount of glitter to your nails and I adore anything that glitters! In the sunshine they sparkle which I adore, gives that extra special touch to the colour/ nail.
I do have a problem getting glitter off my nails when I go to take the polish off, it tends to  stick to my nails for quite a while. Any advice/tips on how to get glitter of nails?

I also used some nail stickers I got of Ebay to create a girly/ cute look to them and add something different to them. I love using these, they are a faff to get on without breaking them but when you do they look perfect. 
I think using these three products works well, specially with pastel colours.

What do you think?


Hope enjoyed this post 



  1. These look gorgeous! I love the flower detail and the glitter is one of my favourites :)!
    To get glitter off, put nail polish remover on a cotton pad, place it on your nails and then wrap kitchen foil around it. Leave them for 5minutes and then pull of the cotton pad and kitchen foil. It usually slides off :) and excess will be really easy to remove too xx

    1. I will try that thank you :D sounds like a really goood tip :D


  2. Apricot Punch is such a pretty colour. I have Disco Ball and it's one of my all time favourites! You have a great blog! Definitely following :)

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo


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