July 02, 2012

Today's Purchases

  My lovely new shoes from New Look, got them for £17 pounds because I used my student discount, love love student discounts makes it all better when you shouldn't be buying shoes really! oooops!
but they are usually £19.99 :)
They are extremely comfy and looks so pretty with skinny jeans, I bough them the beginning of my shopping trip and had to put them on as soon as I left the shop went straight to the bathroom and swapped shoes. such a geek! so comfy I will wear them to death so its worth it, i'm quite short at 5'3 so felt good being a little taller. excited to wear them again :)

I also got some bits and bobs, I wanted some new pj's and bits. all this is from Primark for £14. not toooo bad :)
I quite like pink at the moment so I bought some pj's in pink, loved them because there quite girly and frilly. the socks are just a treat they are so soft and cute. I really need to save but so far not managed to might try get extra hours at work to keep me on track otherwise I will keep buying bits and run out of cash oops! I love shopping for new bits to much! I will be super comfy tonight and have amazing shoes! sorted I'm happy :)

Plus today I went to have milkshakes and toasties with my boyfriend while out shopping and we decided to go watch Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter and I really enjoyed it, one best films I have seen this year. I love going to the cinema and films one my favorite things ever. honestly give it 10/10 really good film.




  1. ooooh, i'm really in love with those cutesy pink pj shorts and those shoes! love 'em!


    1. lovely blog iv followed you :)
      and thank you :)


  2. I was going to get the shoes from New Look, are they comfy to walk in? I'm an absoulte klutz when it comes to walking in wedges/heels! x


    1. these ones are perfect, i feel really stable and can walk in them as i am the same in heels as you hehhe xxxxx defo recommend them so much


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