July 26, 2012

Tom Hunter - Photography

''Punch Professors in England is an exhibition of the photographer and LCC tutor Tom Hunter’s works, featuring contemporary Punch practitioners, known since Victorian times as Professors, who for generations have brought the story of Punch and Judy to life with their wit and personality. Specially commissioned for Mr Punch’s birthday celebrations, the portraits show each Professor alongside their booth, expressing the highly individual approaches each of them have to their performance within essentially English settings.''  Taken from a website to explain about the images!!

I love to share the new photographers I find on my blog, hope you love them.
I study Photography at university and find it very interesting, I love finding new photographers to link into my work and inspire me. I blog about it to remind me when I need it for my work to reference. I am about to go into my third year and need all the research I can get. This blog helps me to do this. :) I do love his work because it has a strong meaning behind the images, he tells a story about the history. It is well thought through work. Reminds me a little of Martin Parrs work because of the style and colour of the photographs. 

what do you think of his work?
like or hate?

xoxoox Kemples

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