July 15, 2012

What I wore Today :)

 What I Wore Today:

Jacket: New Look
Top: Primark
Shoes: Toms

Hi Sweeties.
This is my first attempt at showing you what I wore and I hope you like it. 
I will start of with my jacket, I adore this jacket, it is light and goes with most of my wardrobe which is a bonus in the Summer. It is perfect when you need a light coat that you can slip onto your handbag if its not needed and can easily walk round without it bothering you. I did get the idea from Loulabeth, she was wearing one when we went to the pub and thought that jacket is perfect and cute. Hers is from H&m though :)
The colour is perfect and it has a lot of pockets to store your phone etc.

The top was £10 from Primark in Manchester, I adore butterflies and the colour is perfect, such a girly top but I love the style. I bought a white/ creamy jumper and with this top underneath it will look so cute with the collar out.
Super comfy and light for summer, I do wear a vest underneath though because it is quite see through. 
my toms are the most comfiest pair of shoes I own, it is like walking round in your slippers all day. just don't wear them when it rains oops.
I need some more Toms but need to save some money !

I always buy my jeans from Topshop because they fit so well. really lovely blue colour and I wear them with everything. such a lovely dark blue. the material is really comfy compared to denim, light material. love skinny jeans I own so many. would love more colours though but as said no more shopping till my loan comes through. oops.

Make up: MUA lipstick- £1
shade 1

Hope enjoyed my post :)
feel free to comment lovely

xoxo kemples



  1. I love that top, it is so nice!
    I never used to rate Primark but recently I've been seeing some great stuff from there.

    Amy xx

    1. one in manchester is amazing :D could spend too much there, thankyou huni xxx


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