August 29, 2012

Wardrobe envy! Fearne Cotton

Hi sweeties! I haven't done a wardrobe envy post in a few weeks so thought I would do one on this lovely Wednesday! I do enjoy doing these posts to remind me of all the latest trend setters and to have a gander at the latest outfits by this person. I would love to be able to afford the clothes they wear and shoes, imagine mmm <3 I love shopping it is one of my expensive hobbies, why not only live once ey!
I do need to start saving for my graduation holiday to treat myself to all my hard work I am planning this year! any ways back to Fearne Cotton!

I would buy quite a lot of the things she wears, she has a style that most people can relate to, young and fresh, funky style that catches peoples attention with signature pieces. I love her when she is dressed down on her way to DJ on radio 1, I love her style when she is all dressed up looking stunning. I am a big fan of hers because of her laid back, fun, style to life and fashion.
The collection that was inspired by the 60's and 70's was my favorite by the label Very. It was girly and the colours and style is amazing. I love the fact she wears her own designs out and about which shows she has a true feel for her own designs and feels comfortable in them.

Overall adore her style because of how she can pull of so many styles of clothes from skinny jeans and flatforms to girly 60's dresses.Truly a style icon in my eyes!

What do you think about her style?
Do you shop her collection at Very? LINK
Does she influence your style?
comment below :)

let me know :)
Hope enjoyed this post :)

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August 27, 2012

Everyday Make Up Routine

Everyday Make up:

Hey sweeties! Thought I would share what I have in my everyday make up routine, these products I would re purchase and are such high quality products that I adore. 
I will start with my foundation which is Rimmel Lasting finish, I have only just gone back to using this one I was using Rimmel Wake me up but I stopped seeing the amazing results that I saw when I first bought it, my face has started to break out in spots which I hated so I changed foundation to see if it was that causing the problem. Rimmel Lasting finish gives you a smooth surface to work on and hides what I need to hide on the bad days. i do love the wake me up more though this foundation is truly amazing. might go back to using that one but really like to swap and change now and then.
price for the Rimmel lasting finish is £6.99 from Boots.
I use the true Ivory shade.

My mascara was free at the time of purchasing more than a certain amount at Boots so that worked out well, love to swap and change my mascaras as well. This one is my all time favorite at the moment. makes me eyes really stand out and my lashes look really thick and creates a perfect finish with the thick brush it has. £6.99 retail price so its a little more expensive than a few brands but so worth it. creates a full eye look and eye lashes look intense. I love how the packaging is bright orange this stood out to me at the time.
Really worth a try this mascara as it does a good job!
I love using a lot of mascara to create my look and I adore using my Mua products too on my eyes.


My Mua palettes are only £4 each which a real bargain for the quality of the product, I was never a fan of choosing eye shadows because usually let down by what I have chosen. These are amazing quality and create all sorts of looks for day and night.
I adore the Heaven and Earth palette because it creates such a subtle but effective look even when you are going to work. When I am at work I wear a little bit of make up and usually never wore eye shadows but these really are lovely colours that create such a natural look.
I wear the light creams and then add touch of the browns to enhance my natural look.
The glitter ball palette is perfect for a fun look for a night out or even going to the cinema, I have used the pink coral colour and I thought I would never use pink on my eye lids ever. It is truly amazing these palettes, the colours are perfect and you can mix and match to create your own look. 
Defiantly worth the money, perfect products and nothing to complain about I adore them and will purchase some more soon.

MUA Blusher:
Shade 4.

This product is only £1 which is amazing considering what you get as it is such a perfect colour for my skin, I always add a bit of the Mua powder to blend it in more to my face. creates such lovely pink tone to my cheeks. the quality of the products are amazing. My powder is shade 1. The Mua eyeliner is one of the best ones I have used in along time, you even get a sharpener on the lid, this is so handy and clever. I usually buy ones you don't have to sharpen to be lazy. The black is intense but truly awesome, I love it and will buy another when needs replacing because the quality of it is good and it stays on your eyes for many hours during the day. I have tested this by wearing it at work and it was still on good enough after ten hours. impressive if ask me. It really is an intense colour, you can buy this in many colours and is only £1. bargain!
LINK- Blusher
LINK- Powder
LINK- eye liner

Here are some links to my Mua Reviews:

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Do you use any of these products?
Enter my Mua competition?

Kemples! xoxox


August 26, 2012

My Week In Photographs. #6

New Peplum top/ Photo shoot for Welly Bobs/ treats after work/ wedding shoot/ chippie/Starbucks catch up/ new shoes!/ Jessica/ Mom gave me this teddy to cheer me up/

This week I had two photo shoots to do which was fun made me enjoy photography again after such a long summer, not complaining though enjoyed my time off. :)
This week i have seen Laura twice in one day, we went shopping for some beauty products and a naughty Primark purchase. was fun always so lovely to see her. she is the best person ever! She has a really lovely blog too LINK. we then went to the pub with a few people and sat in the chippie having a good catch up :) was goood.
I adore those berry refreshers such an amazing drink!
Those are my new beautiful shoes, I will do a post on my purchases tomorrow. They are so niceeee want some more studded shoes to be honest.
I stayed at my moms as I had work the next day and Jessie didn't want me to get out of bed so she led on my legs.
My mom gave me this to cheer me up, I am like the crazy dog lady I swear :)
so cute

This week has been pretty busy which is always good! hope enjoyed this post

Kemples! xoxoxo

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7 Things 7 Days

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture from pinterest, love using this website.  

Last Weeks Goals:
  • Motivation!
  • Library
  • make notes from books for dissertation
  • gym
  • zumba
  • Pilates
  • 30 day shred dvd
  • Hand out cv's

How I got on with these:

  • watched you tube videos on photographers
  • made a plan to go library when my friends of holiday next week.
  • been to the gym 3 times this week
  • I've done Zumba, Tai Chi and Pilates.
  • I have done a few exercises of this DVD so far.
  • I have finished my CV's and will hand them out Tuesday.( bank holiday weekend) would love a new job so if you know anywhere free let me know :)))

New Goals:

  • hand out CV's
  • Gym classes, zumba and Pilates.
  • Spend a day out with my boyfriend.
  • control my worry, I worry to much :p
  • Do new post for what I have bought this week.
  • Try to be able to volunteer for the animal farm near my house.
  • have a pamper day!

This week has been really busy and I have enjoyed most of it.

lots love

hope you enjoy these posts as much as I love doing it every week :)



August 22, 2012

Wedding and Event Planning .

I did a shoot for Samantha Cherish yesterday at Bolton Old links, wanted to show you how an ordinary room can be changed to look magical. So much effort is put into making your day the best it possibly can be, everything is designed to how you want it to be and imagine your day to look like.
I have linked below the twitter/ Facebook and website for you to have a peak at! You won't be disappointed. :)
Beautiful Bride!
 Abi kempen Photography
 Fresh Flowers, beautiful center pieces.
Fresh Flowers that look and smell amazing!
Magical Room, amazing light curtain

Twitter: Samantha Cherish
Facebook: Link
Website: Link
Venue: Bolton Old Links

More Photographs you can find HERE! 
My email:

Feel free to comment below and hope enjoyed this post <3
Any of you getting married, Samantha Cherish is who you need to contact :)




August 19, 2012

7 days 7 Things

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture from pinterest, love using this website. 

Last weeks goals!

  • get back to being motivated!
  • gym more than 3 times this week.
  • zumba on Tuesday
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Finish of decorating boyfriends room!
  • send off my student finance on Monday.
  • try and ignore the mean comments from people!
  • do my 30 day shred dvd/ keep notes to blog review!
  • need to try and keep positive
  • see Laura soon :)
  • Go watch Batman with my beautiful friend heather.
  • Library!!!!!!!

How I got on with these!

  • Tried best to be motivated, a lot better this week needs sorting still.
  • I have been gym 3 times
  • Missed Zumba :( but I went to Tai Chi
  • Boyfriends rooms still half done but getting there!
  • student finance sent off
  • still getting mean comments towards me :(
  • not had chance start the dvd but Monday want to start it fresh!
  • Library is needed asap!
  • Finished my cv :)

half did well this week I think been really busy with work and had a night out for my friends birthday on Tuesday, much needed drinks.

New Goals:

  • Motivation!
  • Library
  • make notes from books for dissertation
  • gym
  • zumba
  • Pilates
  • 30 day shred dvd
  • Hand out cv's

Hope enjoy these posts!


Kemples! xoxo

August 18, 2012

Lifestyle - Tuesday Night 14 August

So I thought I would share some of my Photographs from Tuesday night with you guys, I love to post about lifestyle, fashion and beauty so that my blog has a variety of things to read. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I love blogging. :)
We went for a meal for Grace's 20th birthday, started of at Tiggis and the food was amazing, honestly best Italian place I have eaten at in a while. Went on to a pub and had a few drinks and played pool. Then decided to make a night of it and go Warehouse. It was one of the best nights out I have had in ages! Lovely to see all the people I went college with after all of us being so busy working and at university.
The dress I wore is from H&M, I cannot find the link at the moment which is a shame, such a cute colour and it is my favorite colour at the moment. So summery, it is such a lovely shaped dress, I did feel self conscious all night but that's just me not the dress :p
My make up is Rimmel and Mua Cosmetics, enter my giveaway to get some lovely products by Mua. :)

Overall adore my friends and had such a lovely night!

 Warehouse, Beginning of the night there :) Heather and me.
 Actually love this photograph, usually Hate pictures of myself ! Loved this night was so much fun.
 Warehouse After Tiggis meal.
 Love these girlies!
 Heather, grace (Birthday girl) Me, Milly
 My boyfriend Rob and me :)


August 17, 2012

University Wish List- Paperchase

University Wish List:

Panda Highlighters: £3:00
Pooch Box File: £7:00
Owl Note book: £2.25 ( Sass & Bell) 
Pooch Note pad: £7:00
Bag: £19.75
Pencil Case: £6.00

Going into my third year at university and I love buying new supplies to give me that little boost at the beginning while starting a new term. Do you do this?
I love anything from Paperchase, they always have something unique and the prints they have are so cute. I am loving the pooch print at the moment as most people know I am a huge dog lover. :)
They are so sweet, love the note pads and the bag is really cute and simple but effective.
How cute are those highlighters, I adore panda's so might get them as a cheeky purchase for university. you can also get cat versions. here
I found a owl note pad on the website Sass & Bell, anything with an owl on it I probably will buy!

Hope you enjoyed this post.
What think of these products?

xoxox Kemples!


Fake Tan Review!

Today I want to share with you my 3 favorite fake tans, These are the ones I use and have really good smooth outcomes. I never used to be a big fan of using anything other than gradual tan but on nights out I do love to look a little bit more brown. My natural skin has a slight tan glow to it as its a bit olive skin type? I do love not being too pale on my arms etc but i really need to gradual one on my legs as they are pretty pale at times, which isn't to good to be honest would love to go on holiday soon to get a real tan but that hopefully will happen when I graduate next year. exciting!

Fake Don't Bake
I will start with Fake Don't Bake this one is really cheap, I buy this one from a really cheap but good body care store. This bottle is about £2.70 for 150ml which is not bad at all considering how even and easy it is to apply. It is similar to applying moisturizer but you do need to get every bit of your body or you will be left with a big white patch, as I never do! eeek :p always wake up and I have not added some to the back of my thigh or arm but saying this when you re apply to the patches you missed it covers it up straight away and looks even. I think this one out of the 3 is the one I hardly use but it did start of being my all time favorite. It is still very good quality and you get a really nice tan colour from it. easy to apply and I would recommend applying it after a bath/shower when you are getting into your pj's because it can be really sticky compared to the other 2 i will be reviewing. still I would give this tan 6/10 because of how easy it is to apply and the colour it comes out with. Don't forget to wash your hands it can stain your nails and that is not a good look :)

Dove Summer Glow

This gradual tan is my favorite out of all the brands, it smells lovely and gives you a lovey natural tan. I was impressed with this one as I only applied one layer of the product and within an hour already had a lovely glow to my skin. I am a huge fan of the Dove products and this adds perfect product to my collection. The shower creams I must admit are truly amazing, I got them for Christmas last year in a set and bought more since. This product makes your skin feel super soft which is a must and looks very natural compared to the other fake tans I use. I used this one on my night out this week as I wanted it to be subtle and not over the top for work the next day. It is easy to apply and smells amazing. I used the gradual Dove tan in school years ago and not a clue why I stopped but recently I thought it would be nice to have a little glow to my skin. This product you could use every second day if you wish. I applied some on Tuesday and my skin still has a lovely glow, this is just with one use. This product I can see me having for a while as it keeps so well on your skin. The price of this bottle is £2.53 at the moment. In Superdrug it is on offer so go get yours you won't be disappointed.
Easy to apply, I would apply this for best results after shower/bath at night and get into your pjs', it takes a while to sink into the skin but feels amazing applying it after a nice pamper!
I would give this product an 8/10.

St Moriz

This product is my all time favorite fake tan because of how easy it is to apply and how perfect the colour comes out. I use a glove to apply this one as I made the mistake of not using one and having orange hands for a few days which I hated specially at work. Using the glove which you can pick one up for a pound is super easy and you can see where you are applying the tan as it is quite a dark colour. It dries within minutes on my skin and takes 6 hours to really show its true colour. I apply my tan the night before I need it done and next day it is a really lovely colour. It is a lot darker than both of the other two but looks natural at same time. doesn't look over the top, can tell I haven't been away but still looks amazing! This bottle costs me not more than 4 pounds from a Body care store. It is good quality and gives you a lovely glow. I wasn't big on using fake tans till I used this one, it is worth your money and lasts a long time as I use it on nights out and when I go to meals. I have bought about three bottles of this one in past year. not too bad considering price and how many times I could use it.

Overall out of the three for a lovely tan for night out/meal I defiantly think St Moriz is your winner!
A subtle but amazing tan I would use the Dove summer glow. Adore this product so much. anything from Dove is okay with me! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Do you use any of these products?


xoxooxox kemples!


August 15, 2012

August Glossy Box

So Today I wanted to show you my August Glossy Box, I am very impressed with this months box was extremely happy with the products. The theme this month is International Superstars, which sounds interesting to be honest. The little information leaflet caught my eye and I thought this is going to be a good box!

I will start of with the pro white original, this product brightens your nails and has a anti-yellowing formula for radiant and gleaming nails. I don't get yellow nails but it is always good to try out a different product. I like this because it is something different in your beauty box to experiment with. Could always use it anyway to see if my nails do become shiny! I have just put a little bit on my thumb nail and my nail is super shiny! oooo! I would like to wear this to be honest at work so my nails can look super neat and tidy as I am not allowed any colour working with food. This product drys really fast as well, good for impatient people like me!
Price: £7.85 10ml

This product smells amazing because it has a soft smell to it but also really gets your make up of for a deep clean make up free face. it is a little greasy but not a problem when you are taking make up of at night. it makes your skin softer and helped my skin to breath. I didn't wake up looking like a panda!
Price:£18.50 200ml

Eves Balm.
This product is super handy it can sooth dry skin not just on your lips, you can use it on your face or any dry skin you have. it gives a lovely soothing feel, I used it on my lips and they seemed smoother within minutes before I applied my lipstick before my night out.
Defiantly a handy product to have, it is easily adsorbed and really helps dry skin. I can see myself keeping this in my handbag. It has a handy mirror to which I loved! Thought add a little picture of it open.
Price: £4.95 7g

The original lipstick sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick. Doesn't this just sound amazing, I hate it when my lipstick comes of super fast or when you use a straw to try stop it from fading it still happens, well I tried this product on my night out last night and my lipstick stayed on longer than I expected it really does do what it says. you have to apply your lipstick, dab it apply lipstick again, dab it and then apply the Lipcote leaving mouth open for it to dry. honestly takes about a minute to dry and it feels odd at first and tastes funny but really don't notice you have it on when out and about. it does help keep lipstick put, I would recommend trying this if you wear lipstick a lot and want it to stay. very impressed by it and glad I have had chance to get it in my glossy box.
retail price is £3.99/ 7ml so really you have no excuses :)

Vera Valenti
An eye shadow palette offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included.
These colours are really cute, they are subtle and soft when applying them, have a lovely texture to it. the product is really good quality and has a good selection to use light to dark shades on your eyes.
not sure when I will use the green shades but I will try them out soon, if you would like me to post it on here please comment below :)
I love the shape of the product it looks really pretty, retail price for it is £3.85 which is a bargain for such a lovely product. I cannot wait to try these out, as only recently been wearing a lot of eye shadow as I usually don't buy it. I seriously do not know why I haven't before. I was super excited i got this in my box. any one else tried this out yet?

Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink.
This was a lovely addition to my box, I love lipsticks and it was so good to get a light pink shade as I love wearing pink on my lips. I love to wear it because it can be pulled of for a everyday and every outfit look. from shopping to going on night out. sometimes love red but depends :)
This product is really good quality and loved getting it with the Lipcote to try out, was super really.
The lip shade is perfect and I got few compliments on the colour which is awesome.
I think it is perfect for a girly look and has a lovely texture to it.
I have a post coming up on the night out I had with my lovely friends so can see the glossy pink lipstick in them. :)
Price: £9.95 4g

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Feel free to share thought on the products
have you enjoyed your glossy box this month?
Not 100% happy with this months so changed to she said beauty.
Fancy subscribing to Glossy box LINK 

Next beauty box will be She Said Beauty, as I want to see which one is worth the subscription monthly. Canceled Glossy box for now to compare products.
will post my review of the box when it arrives. want a box worth the monthly payments?
which one is worth the money for you?

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Hello sweeties!
I have a new giveaway on my blog how exciting, love doing these for you guys. This is my second giveaway since starting my blog in June.
First one had a really good response, this lovely blog won the prize, she has done a post on it here!
I love giving back to my followers as I do really enjoy blogging so thank you to everyone that reads it.
I adore the Mua products and have blogged about the palettes and lipsticks. They are a make up bags essential not going to lie. Amazing products to won and as I love them so much thought it would be a wonderful prize to share with my readers :)

''A fabulous addition to the MUA Palette family, this one is the ultimate must have. It has a great combination of nude shimmers and mattes and the colour selection is great for creating this season’s clean, natural look with highly pigmented colours. Undressed is bang on trend with the spring summer runway filled with nude makeup looks.'' Mua cosmetics 


xoxo Kemples

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August 13, 2012

Week 5 In Photographs

New socks/ new bedding/ new bed/ pancakes/ moms doggies/ice cream/ pizza before night out/ Bella keeps stealing my bear/ me off shopping/

This week I have done a few hours at work extra so not really done much exciting boo! I did go shopping for my friends birthday present and bought the cute socks for just a pound. she loved her presents bought her a handbag and a massive t cup :D can never drink enough tea?
we went to Costa for a catch up which is always lovely!
pancakes were a bit naughty after I went to watch Ted with my boyfriend. yummy though.
went to see some off my friends from work at the pub this week too that was pretty fun!
mainly naughty treats and hardly any gym! need kick myself into shape again :p

I have been a bit ill with a cold from Wednesday so catching up on my favorite blogs and posting.

hope enjoy these posts weekly and add me on Instagram to get to see these images daily ?

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xoxo kemples!


August 12, 2012

Pinterest Happiness!

So thought i would post about what makes me happy by using pinterest as the photographs. I have been obsessed with Pinterest for a few months now and I need a boost of happiness after these past few months!
hope you enjoy it, feel free to comment what makes you happiest!

I will start with my Friend Laura, without her I would go mad with all my situations in my life from good to bad. she already has bought my Christmas present could you ask for a better friend :p
she makes me smile and laugh because of the comments she can come out with sometimes, she always understands what I mean even when I hardly make sense to myself. honestly we understand what each other goes through we can relate to it in our own lives to help each other. I adore going to London to see her when she is at university, we always have a good laugh when we see each other and there is never a silent moment, unless we talk so much we fall asleep from exhaustion ahah!
she honestly is the best and will always hold a special place in my heart for her, mushy but true I need to keep her in my life because honestly can say people normally treat me like crap? she always lets me moan or cry and always understands. we always have such good time together laughing about everything! she loves pugs so much so this picture I know she will love! If I win the lotto I will buy you lots of pugs!! lots of love for Laura <3 Loulabeth we met when she started working at Booths with me on the deli, people kept getting us mixed up all the time! loved working with her and we got on so well from day one!

I adore border collies, they are truly amazing animals so clever and cute! I have my own border collie, she is called Isabella Ella mccoll. best thing I have in my life, she is mine and my boyfriends dog, we got her from my moms dog when she had babies, instantly knew I had to have her as my puppy. she has such odd markings she looks like she is wearing a mask, her nickname was panda when she was born. honestly my boyfriend and my dog mean the world to me. I would crumble without them to come home too. Bella enjoys the park, beach and biscuits is her favorite word!give me a job training these amazing creatures and my life would be made!!
Give me anything girly and sparkly and I will love you, honestly love to buy bits and bobs that just look so pretty. for example I love snow globes? but they are pretty in your room? well I think so. drives my boyfriend made when I just wander round a shop starring at everything. for example if I go into Sass & Bell he will be like why do want that? but its so pretty!!! you understand don't you?

Anything with an owl on it I want. I actually want a real owl as a pet :p
they are amazing! I literally have a lot of owl necklaces, earrings and even note pads with them on it?
mad owl lady?
I literally love animals, I would love to own so many different ones, recently really wanted a hedgehog?
just want to look after them so much and give them a good home.

List of things make me smile!

  • buying new clothes
  • Rob <3
  • looking after my pup
  • cuddling my pup :)
  • going to the park with Rob & Bell
  • new make up!
  • blogging
  • Costa Refreshers!
  • hot chocolate!
  • going on the train to London etc
  • London
  • laughing and smiles
  • going on a odd night out with my Friends!
  • Katy Perry
  • cute animals 
  • going to the gym/ swimming
  • getting back in touch with people not seen in years.
  • picnics on sunny days!
  • movies!!
  • this list could go on for a while but I will stop there with these!
To be happy I have learnt not to keep thinking over and over what has happened but to take a deep breath and think forget about it? so far it has worked need to keep that one up because I can dwell on things and make myself feel ill by over thinking the situation. 

How to be happy!?

  • breath and think is this worth my worry?
  • focus on the happy things in life, things that could just be simple ones? like going to the cinema?
  • Do what you want to do, not what people might thing you should do.
  • do things that make you smile once a day.
  • have people around you that you know won't make you feel down, upset but have the people that brighten up your day with a simple text.
  • have friends that make you laugh and never cry, make sure its only with laughter!
  • There will always be something good in a day, make sure you focus on that!
  • never go to sleep arguing with someone.
  • I use Instagram to take photographs of the simple things in my life, so when I look back I smile.
  • pamper yourself now and then!
  • treat yourself to that take away no and then. 
  • Try write down whats making you feel upset/sad? then rip it up and throw it away!
any more suggestions? please feel free to comment below :) 

xoxoxooxox kemples!

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7 Things 7 Days

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture from pinterest, love using this website. 

  • Carry on going to the gym at least 6 days.
  • do Pilates
  • Do well in my photography job on Tuesday, nervous!
  • Try Aqua class on Friday.
  • Library!!!!
  • Try not to eat chocolate or crisps for a week, try make it a month but will take it a week at a time :)
  • Go to a Zumba class this week.

So how have i got on with these goals?

  • I have been to the gym about 3 times this week, not as much as last but still good! i did go to my Pilates class.
  • As I have lost half a stone in two weeks! go me!
  • My photography job is in few weeks so just need to get to the library!
  • didn't get to aqua as I have been ill with a cold since Wednesday!
  • well i didn't eat crisps but I did have chocolate a few times this week oops!
  • Zumba was on when I was ill, had 0 energy!

so overall not so well on my goals this week, I blame my cold. seriously had no energy and I did a few more days at work this week.
need to get back to the motivated me that I was past 2 weeks!

New set of goals!

  • get back to being motivated!
  • gym more than 3 times this week.
  • zumba on Tuesday
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Finish of decorating boyfriends room!
  • send off my student finance on Monday.
  • try and ignore the mean comments from people!
  • do my 30 day shred dvd/ keep notes to blog review!
  • need to try and keep positive
  • see Laura soon :)
  • Go watch Batman with my beautiful friend heather.
  • Library!!!!!!!
hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoy doing this one every week.
keep me updated if you love reading it?
do you make lists?
my list is long but need to keep busy :)

xoxox Kemples!


August 08, 2012

Saving your pennies!

I have been contacted by to write a post about websites that can help you save some cash, I found this interesting and thought I would give it a go.

Fashion Vouchers: 
Right I will start off with Fashion, this website is easy to use and you ca find all sorts of different vouchers. This website is new to me as well but I think it is one of the top websites to use to save some money from things like New look to Radley. So looking good on a budget is easy with such good offers, a lot of the vouchers have £10 off or 25% of items in all sorts of shops. Helps us students who want to look good but also wanting to save some cash for our university course or nights out. you need the perfect outfit for a girls night out don't you! :)

TK Maxx:
This store has all sorts of goodies in it, if you would like a good mooch then this is the perfect store to have a gander in. The prices vary and you can pick up designer wear for more than half the price at times. I find you need to spend a hour of so just looking round everywhere because you will find a gem in all the different items. perfect place to pick up a birthday present or some goodies for your room at university. all sorts of prices and clothes that still look amazing. you can shop online or go into the stores, I would rather shop in store as it is more fun and you can try on all sorts of styles.
LINK to store.

I love Amazon you can find all sorts of items on this website and it never costs me to much! I always order my university books of this website because you really can get good deals, for example I got a book for university for 99p such a bargain. I have also found perfect Christmas gifts on this website and always in good condition. you can find new and used objects on here that won't cost as much as it would in a high street store. This website needs to have a good look round to find some good bargains but I bet you will always find one.  LINK to Amazon

I adore Ebay, you can always find shoes, clothes and accessories for such good prices. Jewelry is my favorite to find on Ebay, you can find some pretty rings for 99p and clothes that once went out the store that you wanted but was sold out. always something for everyone no matter what. I really want a pair of flatforms soon and Ebay has some really cheap but good pairs. this website is perfect to save money and have fun trying to find something different.

Charity shops:
Always I good one to keep in mind because you never know what treasures you can find, it is also for a good cause which is always good. shopping and helping a charity raise money. I love having a look around charity shops you won't always find what you are looking for but it is worth it because their might be something that no one else owns and maybe do own DIY on it. many possibilities to finding signature pieces that you can make your own.

Voucher Cloud:
This is another voucher website that brings discounts to you and by signing up they will have many discounts to suit what ever you want to buy, from home base to Warehouse clothing. This website is easy to use and it lets you save money on the little bits that need to be bought during the month. You can save money on a family day out or a girly shopping trip!

Everything 5 pounds:
You cannot go wrong with a dress for 5 pounds, this website has so much to choose from. I think  it will take time to find something perfect to suit your wardrobe but so worth it. the name just sounds perfect, if this was in a store it would attract my attention straight away. if you are going on holiday take a look at this store, i am sure you will find a few dresses for each night away for half the price you probably would have spent on the high street? LINK

List Of other ways to save money:

  • Primark- they will have a cheaper version of what is fashionable in the more expensive stores such as Topshop. buy little pieces that could look like they are from another store. Find pieces that stand out.
  • Take lunch with you to work 2 days a week?
  • save all those pennies in a jar and change them for ££
  • loyalty cards! save points!
  • book early- trains etc
  • free samples of perfume- might as well try them out first :)
  • use the library- no need to buy books.
  • magazine vouchers.
  • give yourself a budget.
  • student discount!!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Feel free to comment your ideas below?
have you used any of these sites?

xoxoxo kemples!


August 07, 2012

MissGuided Wants!

Today's post is about a few little things I would love in my wardrobe to be honest, these pretty pretty! things need to be mine :p
I am going to a 20th birthday this Friday and would love to wear this dress, I just love the two colours that separate and the stud detail on the top half is beautiful. i have become better in wanting not to wear tights with dresses as I have lost a bit of weight. we will see if I can afford this pretty dress. The soft pastel colours are so girly and cute. I do love pastel colours this Summer, I think you could wear this with a leather jacket out somewhere after a night out? what do you think? It is also beautiful in white. LINK

I already have some amazing black wedges that I adore and have blogged about which I will link at the end of this post, but a girl ca never have to may shoes! these are pretty too and is the perfect style for me to pair with this dress. I love black heels, I usually buy my heels in black to wear them with everything I own. I do really want those Asos flatforms though( LINK) WANT!!!!
I find this style to be easier to walk in and I won't break my neck in them, touch wood! woo

I really need some good bold statement necklaces in my jewelry collection, I would like to have this necklace for Friday too. need to save my money though! so that I can have a few drinks!
I love how it is black and gold, brings it out and will stand out and make the outfit complete.

This denim jacket is just perfect, I adore things with a little bit of leopard print on them. This is really cute with the pocket and sleeves with the print and would look lovely with black shorts or black disco pants! need purchase those too! they are gorgeous but expensive!


Total: £90.96

The shoes I mentioned I already have LINK

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Feel free to leave a comment :)

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August 06, 2012

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Level 1

Today's post will be about my work out plan, I am posting on here so that I will do the routine.
I think that the 7 things 7 days helps me to keep motivated really well, that is why I want to share my challenge with you. I will be doing this exercise video  for 30 days, to help me tone up before I go back to university. as I already go to the gym I want to do this on top of my 6 days at the gym. I love to do the classes at the gym, helps me keep moving and really feel like I have had a good work out.
I think this will help me tone up really well and I will enjoy doing this. so far I really am getting into my new life style of going to the gym in the morning.

I might keep a diary of my progress and do a review on it at the end of 30 days?
would anyone like me to do this? measurements and weight included if possible? 

would really help me keep at it.

here is a starting image of how I was before working out everyday for past 2 weeks, and the after shot in the same dress.
cannot believe it myself to be honest. my waist looks so much smaller!?

What do you guys think of this challenge?
What do you think of the image?
good plan?
want me to do a 30 diary and post it at the end of 30 days?
comment feedback below :)

let me know :)

xoxo Kemples



August 05, 2012

week 4 In Photographs

My week In photographs:

Bella and me/ Watching the horses on the Olympics/ Off to watch batman/ Popcorn and drink at cinema/

  • Find me on Instagram to see more :)
  • Search- abikempen
  • I got popcorn for the first time at the cinema in like ten years, it was yummy :)
  • Spent a lot of time at home watching the Olympics and cuddling my pup Isabella.
  • Batman was amazing, Really enjoyed it. Best film I have seen all year!
  • I also went to watch ted, this was so funny as I adore watching Family guy. Mila Kunis so pretty and the bear was cute. so worth a watch.
Hope you enjoyed these photographs :)
sums up my week off well :)
cuddles and Films!

Don't forget to add me on Instagram ;)
xoxo Kemples!

7 Things 7days

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture from pinterest, love using this website.

  • Try get to the library this week!!
  • Pilates on Wednesday
  • Gym 3/4 times
  • try a new class at the gym. step or aqua?
  • Have a pamper day, face masks etc to relax.
  • Clean up my boyfriends room, try get a new double bed :) 
  • I really want a hedgehog as a pet :p please Rob? :p convince boyfriend :p

How I got on with these goals:
  • I have read a few pages of a book for my dissertation, it is really hard to start.:(
  • I have done Pilates this week, really enjoyed it :)
  • I have been to the gym 6 times this week :D yayaya
  • I tried a step and zumba class, the zumba was amazing! really enjoyed it.
  • step class was intense so I might buy my own step and do it at home!
  • I have relaxed because I had 2 weeks off work :D
  • I helped clean my boyfriends room, we have got a new cupboard in at the  bed next!
  • I haven't got a hedgehog :p

New Goals!

  • Carry on going to the gym at least 6 days.
  • do Pilates
  • Do well in my photography job on Tuesday, nervous!
  • Try Aqua class on Friday.
  • Library!!!!
  • Try not to eat chocolate or crisps for a week, try make it a month but will take it a week at a time :)
  • Go to a Zumba class this week.

Hope you enjoy these posts, I do, it really keeps me motivated.
Try it out for yourself?
comment below your ideas, blog links and what you want to achieve :)

xoxo Kemples!

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