August 15, 2012

August Glossy Box

So Today I wanted to show you my August Glossy Box, I am very impressed with this months box was extremely happy with the products. The theme this month is International Superstars, which sounds interesting to be honest. The little information leaflet caught my eye and I thought this is going to be a good box!

I will start of with the pro white original, this product brightens your nails and has a anti-yellowing formula for radiant and gleaming nails. I don't get yellow nails but it is always good to try out a different product. I like this because it is something different in your beauty box to experiment with. Could always use it anyway to see if my nails do become shiny! I have just put a little bit on my thumb nail and my nail is super shiny! oooo! I would like to wear this to be honest at work so my nails can look super neat and tidy as I am not allowed any colour working with food. This product drys really fast as well, good for impatient people like me!
Price: £7.85 10ml

This product smells amazing because it has a soft smell to it but also really gets your make up of for a deep clean make up free face. it is a little greasy but not a problem when you are taking make up of at night. it makes your skin softer and helped my skin to breath. I didn't wake up looking like a panda!
Price:£18.50 200ml

Eves Balm.
This product is super handy it can sooth dry skin not just on your lips, you can use it on your face or any dry skin you have. it gives a lovely soothing feel, I used it on my lips and they seemed smoother within minutes before I applied my lipstick before my night out.
Defiantly a handy product to have, it is easily adsorbed and really helps dry skin. I can see myself keeping this in my handbag. It has a handy mirror to which I loved! Thought add a little picture of it open.
Price: £4.95 7g

The original lipstick sealer and secret of long lasting, feather fade and water resistant lipstick. Doesn't this just sound amazing, I hate it when my lipstick comes of super fast or when you use a straw to try stop it from fading it still happens, well I tried this product on my night out last night and my lipstick stayed on longer than I expected it really does do what it says. you have to apply your lipstick, dab it apply lipstick again, dab it and then apply the Lipcote leaving mouth open for it to dry. honestly takes about a minute to dry and it feels odd at first and tastes funny but really don't notice you have it on when out and about. it does help keep lipstick put, I would recommend trying this if you wear lipstick a lot and want it to stay. very impressed by it and glad I have had chance to get it in my glossy box.
retail price is £3.99/ 7ml so really you have no excuses :)

Vera Valenti
An eye shadow palette offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included.
These colours are really cute, they are subtle and soft when applying them, have a lovely texture to it. the product is really good quality and has a good selection to use light to dark shades on your eyes.
not sure when I will use the green shades but I will try them out soon, if you would like me to post it on here please comment below :)
I love the shape of the product it looks really pretty, retail price for it is £3.85 which is a bargain for such a lovely product. I cannot wait to try these out, as only recently been wearing a lot of eye shadow as I usually don't buy it. I seriously do not know why I haven't before. I was super excited i got this in my box. any one else tried this out yet?

Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink.
This was a lovely addition to my box, I love lipsticks and it was so good to get a light pink shade as I love wearing pink on my lips. I love to wear it because it can be pulled of for a everyday and every outfit look. from shopping to going on night out. sometimes love red but depends :)
This product is really good quality and loved getting it with the Lipcote to try out, was super really.
The lip shade is perfect and I got few compliments on the colour which is awesome.
I think it is perfect for a girly look and has a lovely texture to it.
I have a post coming up on the night out I had with my lovely friends so can see the glossy pink lipstick in them. :)
Price: £9.95 4g

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Feel free to share thought on the products
have you enjoyed your glossy box this month?
Not 100% happy with this months so changed to she said beauty.
Fancy subscribing to Glossy box LINK 

Next beauty box will be She Said Beauty, as I want to see which one is worth the subscription monthly. Canceled Glossy box for now to compare products.
will post my review of the box when it arrives. want a box worth the monthly payments?
which one is worth the money for you?

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  1. We got exactly the same in our boxes, cant say I was best impressed with mine, they are suppose to be luxury samples, when I didnt really think that these could be classed as luxury? maybe just my views. and as for them using their own brand of lipstick as one of the samples - hmmm? glossy box isn't really a makeup brand, just doesn't seem right.
    I unsubscribed this evening, and subscribed to She said beauty, it seems 100% better, they actually use your beauty profile and their website is basically a social network for beauty bloggers, it's amazing xxx

    1. was thinking of changing to she said beauty at one point as last months glossybox was so disappointing :( yeah good point about luxury!! xxxxx

  2. This does look nice but I do think you should be getting more high end things than lipcote, I think that's why I've never got into the monthly beauty boxes...lovely post and blog though, following :) xxx

    1. I have subscribed to she said beauty this month to try it out, canceled glossy and will see if this one is worth to be able to experiment with the different products. not 100% on the palette in this months box above, but just fun way to get different products might not pick up on or notice for me. will do review on she said beauty to compare them money wise :)
      thank you for the comment lovely and for the follow xoxo


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