August 27, 2012

Everyday Make Up Routine

Everyday Make up:

Hey sweeties! Thought I would share what I have in my everyday make up routine, these products I would re purchase and are such high quality products that I adore. 
I will start with my foundation which is Rimmel Lasting finish, I have only just gone back to using this one I was using Rimmel Wake me up but I stopped seeing the amazing results that I saw when I first bought it, my face has started to break out in spots which I hated so I changed foundation to see if it was that causing the problem. Rimmel Lasting finish gives you a smooth surface to work on and hides what I need to hide on the bad days. i do love the wake me up more though this foundation is truly amazing. might go back to using that one but really like to swap and change now and then.
price for the Rimmel lasting finish is £6.99 from Boots.
I use the true Ivory shade.

My mascara was free at the time of purchasing more than a certain amount at Boots so that worked out well, love to swap and change my mascaras as well. This one is my all time favorite at the moment. makes me eyes really stand out and my lashes look really thick and creates a perfect finish with the thick brush it has. £6.99 retail price so its a little more expensive than a few brands but so worth it. creates a full eye look and eye lashes look intense. I love how the packaging is bright orange this stood out to me at the time.
Really worth a try this mascara as it does a good job!
I love using a lot of mascara to create my look and I adore using my Mua products too on my eyes.


My Mua palettes are only £4 each which a real bargain for the quality of the product, I was never a fan of choosing eye shadows because usually let down by what I have chosen. These are amazing quality and create all sorts of looks for day and night.
I adore the Heaven and Earth palette because it creates such a subtle but effective look even when you are going to work. When I am at work I wear a little bit of make up and usually never wore eye shadows but these really are lovely colours that create such a natural look.
I wear the light creams and then add touch of the browns to enhance my natural look.
The glitter ball palette is perfect for a fun look for a night out or even going to the cinema, I have used the pink coral colour and I thought I would never use pink on my eye lids ever. It is truly amazing these palettes, the colours are perfect and you can mix and match to create your own look. 
Defiantly worth the money, perfect products and nothing to complain about I adore them and will purchase some more soon.

MUA Blusher:
Shade 4.

This product is only £1 which is amazing considering what you get as it is such a perfect colour for my skin, I always add a bit of the Mua powder to blend it in more to my face. creates such lovely pink tone to my cheeks. the quality of the products are amazing. My powder is shade 1. The Mua eyeliner is one of the best ones I have used in along time, you even get a sharpener on the lid, this is so handy and clever. I usually buy ones you don't have to sharpen to be lazy. The black is intense but truly awesome, I love it and will buy another when needs replacing because the quality of it is good and it stays on your eyes for many hours during the day. I have tested this by wearing it at work and it was still on good enough after ten hours. impressive if ask me. It really is an intense colour, you can buy this in many colours and is only £1. bargain!
LINK- Blusher
LINK- Powder
LINK- eye liner

Here are some links to my Mua Reviews:

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Do you use any of these products?
Enter my Mua competition?

Kemples! xoxox



  1. I need to get my hands on an MUA palette, everyone raves about them! xo

  2. wow. u look so pretty!
    love the red lipstick :)


  3. i love seeing other blogger's daily makeup routines! i'm thinking i should post one soon, one of these days. i use the scandaleyes mascara -- i LOVE it!


  4. lovely look, i still need to get that MUA neutral toned palette

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. if you haven't already, enter into my giveaway to win one of two big prizes, including loads of jewellery and an H&M clutch! it ends soon so be quick :)

    1. thank you sweetie, should defo try mua palettes!
      i love your giveaway just entered thank you xx

  5. You are sooo lovely!

  6. Great post! I used to have that foundation too, but it just didn't fit my skin :/



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