August 17, 2012

Fake Tan Review!

Today I want to share with you my 3 favorite fake tans, These are the ones I use and have really good smooth outcomes. I never used to be a big fan of using anything other than gradual tan but on nights out I do love to look a little bit more brown. My natural skin has a slight tan glow to it as its a bit olive skin type? I do love not being too pale on my arms etc but i really need to gradual one on my legs as they are pretty pale at times, which isn't to good to be honest would love to go on holiday soon to get a real tan but that hopefully will happen when I graduate next year. exciting!

Fake Don't Bake
I will start with Fake Don't Bake this one is really cheap, I buy this one from a really cheap but good body care store. This bottle is about £2.70 for 150ml which is not bad at all considering how even and easy it is to apply. It is similar to applying moisturizer but you do need to get every bit of your body or you will be left with a big white patch, as I never do! eeek :p always wake up and I have not added some to the back of my thigh or arm but saying this when you re apply to the patches you missed it covers it up straight away and looks even. I think this one out of the 3 is the one I hardly use but it did start of being my all time favorite. It is still very good quality and you get a really nice tan colour from it. easy to apply and I would recommend applying it after a bath/shower when you are getting into your pj's because it can be really sticky compared to the other 2 i will be reviewing. still I would give this tan 6/10 because of how easy it is to apply and the colour it comes out with. Don't forget to wash your hands it can stain your nails and that is not a good look :)

Dove Summer Glow

This gradual tan is my favorite out of all the brands, it smells lovely and gives you a lovey natural tan. I was impressed with this one as I only applied one layer of the product and within an hour already had a lovely glow to my skin. I am a huge fan of the Dove products and this adds perfect product to my collection. The shower creams I must admit are truly amazing, I got them for Christmas last year in a set and bought more since. This product makes your skin feel super soft which is a must and looks very natural compared to the other fake tans I use. I used this one on my night out this week as I wanted it to be subtle and not over the top for work the next day. It is easy to apply and smells amazing. I used the gradual Dove tan in school years ago and not a clue why I stopped but recently I thought it would be nice to have a little glow to my skin. This product you could use every second day if you wish. I applied some on Tuesday and my skin still has a lovely glow, this is just with one use. This product I can see me having for a while as it keeps so well on your skin. The price of this bottle is £2.53 at the moment. In Superdrug it is on offer so go get yours you won't be disappointed.
Easy to apply, I would apply this for best results after shower/bath at night and get into your pjs', it takes a while to sink into the skin but feels amazing applying it after a nice pamper!
I would give this product an 8/10.

St Moriz

This product is my all time favorite fake tan because of how easy it is to apply and how perfect the colour comes out. I use a glove to apply this one as I made the mistake of not using one and having orange hands for a few days which I hated specially at work. Using the glove which you can pick one up for a pound is super easy and you can see where you are applying the tan as it is quite a dark colour. It dries within minutes on my skin and takes 6 hours to really show its true colour. I apply my tan the night before I need it done and next day it is a really lovely colour. It is a lot darker than both of the other two but looks natural at same time. doesn't look over the top, can tell I haven't been away but still looks amazing! This bottle costs me not more than 4 pounds from a Body care store. It is good quality and gives you a lovely glow. I wasn't big on using fake tans till I used this one, it is worth your money and lasts a long time as I use it on nights out and when I go to meals. I have bought about three bottles of this one in past year. not too bad considering price and how many times I could use it.

Overall out of the three for a lovely tan for night out/meal I defiantly think St Moriz is your winner!
A subtle but amazing tan I would use the Dove summer glow. Adore this product so much. anything from Dove is okay with me! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Do you use any of these products?


xoxooxox kemples!



  1. Hey lady, I just discovered your lovely blog thanks to a RT from St Moriz on Twitter! St Moriz is not available in Canada so it's such a hassle for me to be able to get my hands on it but it's really worth it in the end! I made the same mistake as you the first time, I was left with orange palms ahahah I don't like to apply it with gloves as it goes on streaky and patchy for some reasons, but a mitt is amazing! I hate how it lasts about only 3 days on me though ):

    1. aww thank you huni, yeah it is worth it this one love it. mine lasts 3 days too boo but looks amazing on the day you need it :) xx

  2. Thanks for the info! I love self tanners


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