August 26, 2012

My Week In Photographs. #6

New Peplum top/ Photo shoot for Welly Bobs/ treats after work/ wedding shoot/ chippie/Starbucks catch up/ new shoes!/ Jessica/ Mom gave me this teddy to cheer me up/

This week I had two photo shoots to do which was fun made me enjoy photography again after such a long summer, not complaining though enjoyed my time off. :)
This week i have seen Laura twice in one day, we went shopping for some beauty products and a naughty Primark purchase. was fun always so lovely to see her. she is the best person ever! She has a really lovely blog too LINK. we then went to the pub with a few people and sat in the chippie having a good catch up :) was goood.
I adore those berry refreshers such an amazing drink!
Those are my new beautiful shoes, I will do a post on my purchases tomorrow. They are so niceeee want some more studded shoes to be honest.
I stayed at my moms as I had work the next day and Jessie didn't want me to get out of bed so she led on my legs.
My mom gave me this to cheer me up, I am like the crazy dog lady I swear :)
so cute

This week has been pretty busy which is always good! hope enjoyed this post

Kemples! xoxoxo

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  1. Those chips look so good, I've never actually seen those refresher drinks on the menu at Starbucks, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for them x

  2. wow your dog is adorable! :-)


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