August 03, 2012

Prairie Charms Review

hey Sweeties!
Today I am going to post about my Prairie Charm, ( LINKI'm reviewing my  Prairie charm but also to take part in the Project Blogger competition, I was instantly interested

I'm doing this because it is also for a good cause, raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital charity 'kiss it better' campaign. This is the most inspiring thing about this project, I give money every month to the RSPCA so it is also why I took part in this, I love to help charities. Bloggers got 50% discount and money still goes to charity. 

This charm was wrapped really nicely in some tissue paper and wrapped in a nice neat string, I couldn't take a photograph because my mom had opened it to see what I had ordered to tell me it was at hers. ah well :)The bracelet itself is really good quality, I can see myself wearing this quite a lot, I did ask for my beads to be changed to every other to be lilac. Her communication on Twitter was perfect, she always answered my questions fast and was happy to change the design around. The postage was very fast I received mine in the week I ordered it. The price of this bracelet is £8.00 which isn't to bad for a cute design like this. plus each one comes with a unique quote, which I thought was really sweet. you can put your own thoughts, life to relate to them and it makes it more special. My bracelet came with the saying 'The simple things in life, are often the best' which is cute. makes you think they really are! I use Instagram to look back at the simple things I photograph during the week. makes me smile!

I thought the silver bow is a cute touch to the bracelet because it makes it a little girly and unique. brings out the design of the product. you can tell each one is made with love and she spends a lot of time on them to create the perfect bracelet for her customers. you can ask her if she will change the colours and little charm. she makes sure her customers are happy and responds fast to her emails.

I really loved the product overall, the packaging was perfect and the bracelet is good quality and unique. Here is the LINK to all her products, they really are special and each design is unique and creative. 
If you would like to take part, this project runs through from July- August. contact the company on Twitter.
Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment your feedback :)

Lots Love! Kemples. xooxx 

Here is a little quote that I thought represented my charm!  Enjoy!



  1. Aww this is a very sweet bracelet! I love the silver bow, definitely the icing on the cake! Such a good cause too, thanks for sharing this, I'm checking it out now! I've just started a blog, and would really appreciate it if you could take a peek, you might like what you see! I hope you do!
    Thank you,

    1. you have such an amazing blog, its perfect!


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