August 08, 2012

Saving your pennies!

I have been contacted by to write a post about websites that can help you save some cash, I found this interesting and thought I would give it a go.

Fashion Vouchers: 
Right I will start off with Fashion, this website is easy to use and you ca find all sorts of different vouchers. This website is new to me as well but I think it is one of the top websites to use to save some money from things like New look to Radley. So looking good on a budget is easy with such good offers, a lot of the vouchers have £10 off or 25% of items in all sorts of shops. Helps us students who want to look good but also wanting to save some cash for our university course or nights out. you need the perfect outfit for a girls night out don't you! :)

TK Maxx:
This store has all sorts of goodies in it, if you would like a good mooch then this is the perfect store to have a gander in. The prices vary and you can pick up designer wear for more than half the price at times. I find you need to spend a hour of so just looking round everywhere because you will find a gem in all the different items. perfect place to pick up a birthday present or some goodies for your room at university. all sorts of prices and clothes that still look amazing. you can shop online or go into the stores, I would rather shop in store as it is more fun and you can try on all sorts of styles.
LINK to store.

I love Amazon you can find all sorts of items on this website and it never costs me to much! I always order my university books of this website because you really can get good deals, for example I got a book for university for 99p such a bargain. I have also found perfect Christmas gifts on this website and always in good condition. you can find new and used objects on here that won't cost as much as it would in a high street store. This website needs to have a good look round to find some good bargains but I bet you will always find one.  LINK to Amazon

I adore Ebay, you can always find shoes, clothes and accessories for such good prices. Jewelry is my favorite to find on Ebay, you can find some pretty rings for 99p and clothes that once went out the store that you wanted but was sold out. always something for everyone no matter what. I really want a pair of flatforms soon and Ebay has some really cheap but good pairs. this website is perfect to save money and have fun trying to find something different.

Charity shops:
Always I good one to keep in mind because you never know what treasures you can find, it is also for a good cause which is always good. shopping and helping a charity raise money. I love having a look around charity shops you won't always find what you are looking for but it is worth it because their might be something that no one else owns and maybe do own DIY on it. many possibilities to finding signature pieces that you can make your own.

Voucher Cloud:
This is another voucher website that brings discounts to you and by signing up they will have many discounts to suit what ever you want to buy, from home base to Warehouse clothing. This website is easy to use and it lets you save money on the little bits that need to be bought during the month. You can save money on a family day out or a girly shopping trip!

Everything 5 pounds:
You cannot go wrong with a dress for 5 pounds, this website has so much to choose from. I think  it will take time to find something perfect to suit your wardrobe but so worth it. the name just sounds perfect, if this was in a store it would attract my attention straight away. if you are going on holiday take a look at this store, i am sure you will find a few dresses for each night away for half the price you probably would have spent on the high street? LINK

List Of other ways to save money:

  • Primark- they will have a cheaper version of what is fashionable in the more expensive stores such as Topshop. buy little pieces that could look like they are from another store. Find pieces that stand out.
  • Take lunch with you to work 2 days a week?
  • save all those pennies in a jar and change them for ££
  • loyalty cards! save points!
  • book early- trains etc
  • free samples of perfume- might as well try them out first :)
  • use the library- no need to buy books.
  • magazine vouchers.
  • give yourself a budget.
  • student discount!!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Feel free to comment your ideas below?
have you used any of these sites?

xoxoxo kemples!



  1. the dog looks like! x

  2. i love the 'everything 5 pounds' site, some great bargains!

    please take a look,

  3. wow great post but i have one question fashion voucher offering voucher saving codes for save money on fashion item or not ?


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