August 02, 2012

Soap & Glory Review

Soap & Glory Body Buff!

Hey sweeties!
I bought this a few days ago and thought I would do a review on it because it is such a lovely product to use. I am really pleased with pretty much everything from Soap & Glory to be honest. They have such good quality products that really work for me. 
It contains babassu oil and sea salt. It really does smell amazing, when I opened it to smell it I was defiantly buying it. I only bought the travel size to see what it was like but I will defiantly buy the larger version because the product has lovely big crystals in it to really give you a good exfoliation. It leaves my skin smooth and clean which is lovely. I would use this before applying my fake tan to create the perfect smooth base for it. 
The product does not leave your skin feeling greasy at all, you can use a little or as much as you need. I can see that the larger pot would last me a few months because it would be a product I would use about 2-3 times a week. 3 would be the max because I don't want to run out of it, it is to perfect :)
I could use this product everyday but probably not wise to exfoliate everyday, you would forget how amazing it is, if you use it too much!
This is such a good price for the travel size pot, I would recommend it as a travel must! They do quite a lot of travel size products! I would defiantly be taking these on holiday next year.
On holiday when you need to look amazing on the beach, buy this!
I have so many products by Soap & Glory, some things can be expensive but it is so worth it as a treat or a perfect gift. you cannot go wrong!
The price of the travel size: £2.50
Larger version: £7.50

Has anyone else tried this product?
Do you love Soap & glory?
Link to the products.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Kemples xoxox


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  1. I love Soap and Glory, and spotted this at Boots the other day. I love their Flake Away, so I thought this would be the next product to try! I think I might get the travel sized one for my holiday and see how it works for me xx


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