August 29, 2012

Wardrobe envy! Fearne Cotton

Hi sweeties! I haven't done a wardrobe envy post in a few weeks so thought I would do one on this lovely Wednesday! I do enjoy doing these posts to remind me of all the latest trend setters and to have a gander at the latest outfits by this person. I would love to be able to afford the clothes they wear and shoes, imagine mmm <3 I love shopping it is one of my expensive hobbies, why not only live once ey!
I do need to start saving for my graduation holiday to treat myself to all my hard work I am planning this year! any ways back to Fearne Cotton!

I would buy quite a lot of the things she wears, she has a style that most people can relate to, young and fresh, funky style that catches peoples attention with signature pieces. I love her when she is dressed down on her way to DJ on radio 1, I love her style when she is all dressed up looking stunning. I am a big fan of hers because of her laid back, fun, style to life and fashion.
The collection that was inspired by the 60's and 70's was my favorite by the label Very. It was girly and the colours and style is amazing. I love the fact she wears her own designs out and about which shows she has a true feel for her own designs and feels comfortable in them.

Overall adore her style because of how she can pull of so many styles of clothes from skinny jeans and flatforms to girly 60's dresses.Truly a style icon in my eyes!

What do you think about her style?
Do you shop her collection at Very? LINK
Does she influence your style?
comment below :)

let me know :)
Hope enjoyed this post :)

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