August 02, 2012

What I wore Today!

What I Wore Today:

Hey sweeties, I haven't done a what I wore today post in a few weeks as I am trying to save a little bit of money and not buy too much clothes until September when I am allowed to again :p
This outfit I love I must admit I got it about a week ago from my boyfriend, he bought me the dress and the jacket as a gift. :)
Really do love this dress it is from H&M, I can not find it on the website to show you the link sorry.
It was £12.99 and I adore the shape and the cute print of the birds. I don't usually wear white dresses as my pup probably get her mucky paws on to it but this one is so cute. I have been wearing jeans and leggings a lot latlely so this was a good change to wear to the cinema to watch Ted, which is a brilliant film go watch it! 

The jacket is also from H&M, this was £29.99 and is perfect, I want to wear it everywhere to be honest. it goes with almost every outfit to make it look a bit more edgy!
I think it went perfect with this dress, it took it away from being too girly! which is a fun thing to try. 

I wanted to show you my new scarf I got from Primark, been wanting this style of scarf for a while now and they only had the black and pink one in for ages. when I saw they had the white and black I just had to buy it. it was only £4 so cannot go wrong really.
here is the LINK to the jacket.

The jewelry I chose to wear with this is a gold bracelet from Primark, I bought this a while ago so cannot remember the price oops! I thought it goes well because of the gold detail on the jacket.

I chose to use my Canon 550D, as I study photography and should use it in my posts. I think i should use it more often rather than my Iphone :)

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Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Feel free to comment below :)

xoxo Kemples!



  1. Your bird print dress is lovely! xo

  2. Nice outfit! I love the quality of your pictures!

  3. Such a pretty outfit! I love the jacket and the scarf together, it looks great :)
    - Rhiannon


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