September 16, 2012

7 Days 7 Things

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture  of my dog for you guys she is such a sweetie pie! <3

Last weeks goals:

  • Sort out my panic attacks
  • Library on Wednesday
  • buy a new bag for university
  • get back into my routine of the gym
  • paint my nails for my new job.
  • go on a day out with Rob and Bella the pup. beach?
  • start reading lots book for university and plan photo shoots.

How I got on with these:

I went to the gym again this week to do zumba and Pilates which I both really enjoy and Im glad got back into it just need keep motivated. I still need to find the perfect bag for university and I go back to uni tomorrow :)
I have painted my nails with my Mua purchase below this post, love it.
Been relaxing and might go cinema tonight with Rob.
I have bought a new book to stick ideas down and plan out photo shoots which  I am doing today.

New Goals:

  • start dissertation. 22 March deadline omg!! need to do 500 words a week!!!
  • go to the gym.
  • sort out ideas for projects.
  • Plan out a study time table.
  • go library
  • walk my beautiful pup everyday :)

These posts really help me to keep motivated, Do you make lists?
send me your blog links below :) feel free to comment.

kemples xoxox

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  1. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous :) I may start doing these kinds of posts, they sound like they would really motive me! Good luck on incomplete your goals for the week :) x x

  2. Loving your blog, especially the lists, I love lists! I make them on my blog and allll over the house :) Looking forward to reading more xxx


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