September 24, 2012

7 Days 7 Things

Start the year with a empty jar and fill it with wonderful notes throughout the year, empty it on New Years Eve and see what a great year you had. such a cute idea might do this and then photograph it for a project. I found this image on Pinterest. 

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)

Last weeks goals:

  • start dissertation. 22 March deadline omg!! need to do 500 words a week!!!
  • go to the gym.
  • sort out ideas for projects.
  • Plan out a study time table.
  • go library
  • walk my beautiful pup everyday :)

  • How I got on with these:

    I have got some books for my university work and slowly getting to grips with a idea for my projects and maybe not my future but hopefully this will come with doing my final projects. fingers crossed I get a 2:1 or I will cry!! ahha
    Gym and everything else has taken a back seat this week whilst I have been at university I am sorry I haven't blogged enough I am sorting out my time management this week promise I am usually very good at this. bring on 3rd year woo excited and started my dissertation already. plus I am enjoying my new job :)

    New goals:

    • Dissertation 500 words at least.
    • Start my proposals for deadlines 8th October :o
    • gym at least twice.
    • walk Isabella :)
    • Make sure my Rob has the best 21'st Birthday on Sunday <3
    • Start some photo shoots asap
    • start my holiday savings for when I graduate or even a deposit for a home for Rob & my pup :)

    Hope you enjoy my lists, it helps me to be more motivated and work hard.
    Do you make lists?

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    Kemples xoxooxoxox


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    1. Awww that jar is such a lovely idea, I might give it a try! X


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