September 02, 2012

7Days 7Things

I have been doing 7 goals for each week to keep me motivated. This blog started it and I think it is such a good idea 
LINK . really does keep me motivaed :) I will keep doing this post every week because I really enjoy sharing my goals and it really does help me :) I will always revise them on a Sunday :) start fresh on the Monday :) Check out sprinkle of glitter blog she has a list of a few blogs who do this post :)  cute picture from pinterest, love using this website.  

Last weeks goals:

  • hand out CV's
  • Gym classes, zumba and Pilates.
  • Spend a day out with my boyfriend.
  • control my worry, I worry to much :p
  • Do new post for what I have bought this week.
  • Try to be able to volunteer for the animal farm near my house.
  • have a pamper day!

How I got on with these?

  • I did hand out cv's and I got an interview! fingers crossed!
  • I went to zumba 3 times woo :)
  • spent a few days out together
  • Yup I still Worry oops!
  • Still need some new outfit posts
  • Need to do a face mask tonight!

New Goals:

  • Gym
  • Zumba
  • Hopefully things will change this week for the best :D
  • clean bedroom
  • go library 
  • buy new bag for university
  • face masks etc day :)

Hope you enjoy these posts, they keep me motivated :)

Feel free to send me your blog links




  1. good luck with the interview, I must hand out mine as well !!


    1. thank you sweetie hope i do get the job :)

      good luck with cv handing out im sure you will find something xoxo


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