September 11, 2012

Guest Post - Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review:

Hi Everyone! My name's Anna and I'm a 13 year old blogger who writes , I love blogging because it's a great chance to interact with fellow bloggers and learn new tricks for everything. And plus everyone is so helpful and just plain lovely, including Abi from this blog, thankyou for letting me post on your blog!

So I recently won a giveaway on a lovely lady named Kel's blog. I got a lip balm with it and loved it so much I HAD to do a review on it!

The brand that the balm is from is called 'Crazy Rumours' and it's and American based brand that specifically makes lipbalms that are vegan friendly, although they are from America and are quite hard to get here, I've found a website that stocks so many of the flavors that suit everyone's taste buds . Super Smoocher is a website that has nothing but organic beauty products, they also donate 1% of their deliveries to Animal Aid, which I actually love about that site.
The flavor I got was Soda Pop 'Root Beer'. Now the problem is I've never tasted root beer so I don't know if it's very accurate or not but I loved it and thought it had a very rich smell to it. The other good thing about it is that it's long lasting and also you know that horrible taste you taste when you lick your lip with product on? Well you don't get it with this, because it tastes like it smells.
What I put on top:

I always put a revlon lip butter on top to add just a teeny bit of shimmer to spice up a boring shine. This is in the shade 005 I think or 'Sugar Frosting'. 
Thanks for reading x


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  1. ooooh, sounds like a fab lipbalm :) x


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