September 16, 2012

Make Up Haul

Hello Sweeties!
Sorry I haven't blogged a lot lately I have been really focused on my dissertation proposal and starting my new job soon/ university for my 3rd year is really stressful but I would love to enjoy my last year so hoping to do well. I have been on a spending ban really lately too and thought I would treat myself to some goodies. I bought some clothes too but hoping to do some outfit posts this week :) 

 I will start with the RSPCA badge, I give money to the RSPCA every month and saw this in Pets At Home and thought why not its a good cause. I love the little cute badger on it and I was spoiling my dog Isabella with some new teddies and chews so did my bit for charity. I have a huge soft spot for animals and cry so easily at the adverts etc.
My make up purchases this week have been these beauties and I am very pleased with my Mua purchases apart from the bronzer not 100% on it yet, probably my fault because it is to light for me and doesn't show up on my skin, it is shade 1. Might need to stick to my usual brand Rimmel for bronzer which is a huge shame as I love the Mua products, this one is the first thing from them I am not impressed by but I cannot complain because of the wonderful prices. :)
The Vaseline I bought as I love having new lip balms even though I have hundreds of them, it has such a lovely Pink Bubbly, gorgeous rosé hue. Enriched with champagne grape extract, it honestly makes your lips feel super soft and feels amazing when you apply lipstick to it. 
I am a huge fan of Rimmel products and I always buy the wake me up foundation, it covers all my bad skin days and makes my face look radiant. apply some moisturizer to your face  in the morning and apply the foundation it glides on well and looks super radiant and covered. creates the perfect base for your make up bits. i bought the wake me up concealer and I am very impressed, it hides my tired eyes and brightens up my face. This product I need from now on in my make up bag, it is such a good price and goes well onto my face to create the perfect finish. This product is £4.49 from Boots.

I wanted to try a new mascara as I like to change my mascara regularly, this one does do what it says on the packaging such as no clumps and fans out your eyelashes that lasts morning to night, it really does do this so it is a good product to invest in specially for £4.99 at Superdrug  but I do love my eyes to stand out which it does do with this mascara it is neat and fans out your lashes which is always good, I do tend to add the Cat eyes one on top to add super volume and it does work. The cat one is a tad messy compared to the show off product but I still love them both.

My final product on this image is my Mua liquid eyeliner, I am impressed by this product as it is easy to apply and looks super tidy on my eyes. I tend to have to re do my eye make up sometimes when I do my liquid eyeliner wrong which is a pain when your in a rush but this product is so easy to apply it glides on to your eyes easy and looks super good. The product is a must for your make up bag specially how cheap it is but it is good quality. I am always raving about these Mua products but seriously good products to have. Mua felt Liner £2

My second make up purchases are from the wonderful Mua store, they have a offer on at the moment when you spend £8 you get a free 24 piece palette which is super as these palettes are so good I own about 4 of the others, tad obsessed with them. Such good quality eye shadows for just 4 pounds.
The purple eye shadow I bought for my mom she was asking me to get her it since she saw my Mua palettes and was amazed by the prices and quality. she will love this as she is a huge fan of lilac/purple.
I am wearing the Love hearts lilac nail varnish at the moment and I love it because it is such a perfect colour and dries super fast which is always good for me as when I paint my nails I can be so impatient. The colour and quality of it for just £2 is super! I can see myself wearing this colour quite a lot this winter. I am happy as my new job allows you to wear nail varnish so this is my top favorite at the moment I do want to buy some more Models Own as they are super duper too!

What can I say another lip balm oops!, this one is cute though I bought it because of the super cute design and I am a sucker for anything girly, sparkly or pretty so this fits into my list.
The colour is cute and it doesn't really have a strong smell but it keeps lips soft and looks cute. perfect fit to keep in my hand bag at all times while out and about.

Hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment below :)

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Kemples xoxox


  1. Scandaleyes mascara!!!! Love it!! X

  2. I can't wait to try the new vaseline!:D

  3. heard so many things about MUA. really want to try that out.

    new follower anyway. if found your blog through BBU. if you don't mind, you can follow me back,


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