September 09, 2012

Wardrobe Envy

Wardrobe Envy:

This weeks well most weeks wardrobe envy is Katy Perry, she always looks super amazing. super big fan of Katy Perry as she is such a fun loving beautiful style icon and as far as I see a strong loving person. Everything she wears she pulls of 100% and she is so versatile that she can wear and be styled into anything and it will sell and look beautiful.
She has a down to earth style that girls can relate to when she is out and about round festivals etc which is always good to see, she always dresses to her body and looks good.
Her style always catches attention but for the good reasons she loves to always play with fashion and it works. What I love as well she plays with colour on her hair and it stands out and I think she is always her own person and has a input into her style.
I love all the fun patterns and colours that she wears on stage and off, love all the fun outfits she had on stage last year when I went to watch her show in Manchester.
All the patterns and colours can be so much fun and I would defiantly want her wardrobe.
Love seeing her style in magazines and I most likely will buy it if she is in the magazine or on the cover. she is my favorite star by far!

What do you think of Katy Perrys style?

kemples xoxo



  1. you have a lovely blog, following! I absolutely love Katy Perry, she's just so cool

    Julia x

  2. shes fun - she has a good stylist ;)

  3. oh i love hers wacky but original style.


  4. Such hair envy right now!!

    Marie x

  5. I love Katy Perry! I've just watched her movie and I now respect her even more. I think her style is amazing and I love how she always stays true to herself. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. loved her film i saw it twice eek and i totally agreeeee :) xoox


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