October 21, 2012

Izabella's Diary!

Here is a video of me on the park with my Frisbee <3

Hello Sweeties!
Just thought I would do a post about my pup Izabella, I would love to bring her into my blog and be able to share photographs and videos featuring this little one as she is a big part of my life.
I adore my dog and I do love doing lifestyle posts on here thought it would be a good idea.
Any feedback is welcome <3
I will use my 550D canon in the future too need to get a bigger memory card asap :)

Just to get to know Bella here are some little facts about her:

  • I love the word CAR! My mommy cannot leave without me if I hear this word!
  • I love my Frisbee!
  • I cuddle my teddy bears and never chew them.
  • Tennis balls are amazing!
  • I love the park and walks
  • I love jumping into rivers and making my mommys car muddy! hehee!
  • I can be very cheeky but it is ok mommy loves me no matter what!
  • I love doing tricks!
  • I have many nicknames such as Bow!
  • I am 2 on the 15th December
  • My best friend is a dalmatian!
  • My favorite teddy is my Duck Duck.
  • I hate the water bowl being empty so I drag it to my mommy's feet to tell her fill it up! :D hehe!

More of these posts? :)
let me know :)

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Twitter: @abikempen
Email: kempie15@hotmail.co.uk


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