October 09, 2012

Lifestyle Post - Robs 21st Birthday

Hello Sweeties
Thought I would do a little update on what I have been doing recently and share some lovely photographs with you all :)
I love blogging so much just time is against me while I am in my third year at university, I am praying for that 2:1 when I graduate wish me luck <3

For my boyfriends sisters 19th Birthday we went to a Chinese buffet in Bolton, it was really lovely and the food was awesome. I do love Chinese food which made it even better it was a buffet mmm fatty me oops!
This was the pudding I got which was good to end the meal with yummm chocolate and strawberry sauce! This was on the Friday and I really did enjoy myself and she had a lovely birthday :)
we then went on to the Bingo which to be honest was such a laugh actually loved it.

 ( Caroline & me) Robs (my boyfriends ) 21st meal.
 freeeezing cold but enjoyed Robs birthday day out at Blackpool zoo :)
 We got Robs birthday cake made at darwen Deli, he loved it which made the night perfect.
It is inspired by our dog, his birthday presents, his motor bike and of course Apple as it is his mac book as the cake. :) Its lovely.
For Robs birthday we went to a really lovely hotel that had super yummy food, I say this I had egg and chips because I could not bring myself to eat Rabbit or even duck oops but Rob loves cooking and loved it. :) They brought out the cake and sang happy birthday which was cute made his night even better as the chef is his friend :D
The zoo was so much fun I adore animals and it was perfect to have a day out with his family and just have a laugh. It was raining all day and we all got drenched but was a super birthday for Rob <3
 when I need a rest from all the university work I have right now I snuggle my pup Izabella <3

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Hope you enjoyed this post :)
lots love


  1. I didn't realise you were from Bolton! :) I'm from Manchester so we're not far away at all :D xx

    1. yeah I live in Preston but not far at all :D x

  2. such a cute dog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

    1. yeah defo good to suport each others blog thanks huni xx


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