October 20, 2012

Models Own and Essie nails

Hi Sweeties!
While I was in London I used these two nail polishes and have fallen in LOVE with them, seriously such awesome products. Firstly I love the colour mint and have been wanting to try the Mint Candy Apple colour for ages, so I lent these products of Loulabeth. She has such an amazing set of models own polishes. 

Mint Candy Apple- LINK
Models Own- LINK Set called Mirror Ball £20

The mint candy apple has been very popular with many people and I can see why, the products from Essie such good quality and you only need one coat on your nails.

The Mirror ball collection is amazing, £20 sounds a lot but for what you are getting it is so worth it. The polishes do take ages to dry that was one problem, saying this though when it did dry I absolutely adored the outcome. I can not stop looking at my nails and glitter is fun to work with.
everyone loves a bit of glitter, I am addicted to using glitter on my nail and it is fun for the party season for Christmas don't you think. :)
Honestly go buy the mirror ball box set now it is amazing! 
Thank you Loulabeth for letting me lend these amazing products whilst I was visiting you in London.

Here is the finished piece!

Super glittery!!

One thing that is defiantly going on my Christmas wish list is the new box set by models own, which are these wonderland set ooooo. LINK



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  1. I love the final effect it looks fab! What a great combo!!



  2. Wow that looks awesome, so Christmas-y!!


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